Critical Role: Causatum
July 15, 2019 1:41 PM - Season 2, Episode 70 - Subscribe

The Mighty Nein come to terms with the consequences of their actions as they return to Rosohna and plan their next move...
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The big takeaway for me from this episode was a throwaway line during the Bright Queen scene. The Bright Queen didn't just say that the best historians would be researching information about the Laughing Hand, she specifically named the den that the historians were from: Den Dwendalos. That's veeeery similar to Dwendal, as in the Dwendalian Empire, and I can't imagine that that's a coincidence, or even a shared language root.
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Good catch!

(Also, it sounds like there was Drama in the larger fandom last week? I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm glad I have places to talk about Critical Role without wading into the larger fandom spaces)

TravelerCon sounds like it's going to be interesting (I love Laura's reaction when she realizes she's been successful suggesting the volcano), and the Traveler keeps on being such a comforting sketchy-ass god.

I like Travis/Fjord being like 'whatever, I'm just going to lie, you should choose someone else'.
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Thanks! I tweeted it at Matt and Dani, I submitted it to Talks, I posted it on Reddit, and have no official response. YET. I am going to keep asking, though!

(Yeah, I had no idea what was up. I read somewhere [Reddit maybe?] that there was a small group of Jester/Fjord shippers that were being nasty to folks with different ships, and it devolved into homophobic commentary. Blech. It's probably naive, but I don't know how people can watch this show religiously and be phobic assholes. Like, how do you like these characters and players and act like that? Pfeh.)

TravelerCon is such a weird and wonderful thing to look forward to, and I am FASCINATED by all the reveals down the road about the Traveler. Also, CLUTCH nat 20 to suggest The Kiln!!! I swear that the Traveler is like the MLM sales guy of gods...

It has been delightful to see Travis play Fjord the confident, scheming face man (as opposed to Liam's Caleb, the anxious, "please don't kill us" face man) for the party. He's quite strategic with his honesty. Fjord seems to be all about Fjord, mostly.
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I think the situation with Yasha has been quite a setback for Fjord; this week was Fjord being more about Fjord, after a period during which he did seem to be really building relationships with the others. Travis did go into that a bit for Talks last week, that Fjord was really affected by Yasha's turn.

Anyways, I'm glad to have missed whatever happened in the larger fandom. I did feel like Matt said something off the top that was a little different than usual, which was maybe part of that. Anyways.
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I'm watching this now (I need to speed up if I wanna catch up yikes)... I didn't even realize until awhile ago that S2 was set in the same world as S1. Perhaps because I didn't watch all of S1 just like 15 episodes inc. the incredible, amazing finale.

But is the body of the Raven Queen's hero being talked about here the body of Liam's character from S1????
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I suppose it would be too far in the past, I don't know how many years separate S1 and S2.
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There's only twenty years between S1 and S2, so it's a different guy.

They've done a pretty good job of keeping campaign one and campaign two separate - other than, like, a book and a few minor characters popping up, and they're in a separate part of the world. I can see how you might not realize they're in the same world.
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