Killjoys: Run, Yala, Run
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I'm so glad Killjoys is back, and so anxious for everyone to get a happy ending in the series finale. I know the odds are against me, so many damn shows follow the philosophy of victory having to come at the price of some character or characters' life and/or happiness for it to be meaningful, and it's not like the show hasn't killed characters off previously. But I'll be so bummed out if Pree and Gared don't get their marriage back.
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Thanks for posting this. I knew it was coming back sometime this month, but the date slipped by me (too many work deadlines). I don't know when I'm going to be able to watch and catch up, but I will, eventually. And then I'll be back to read your posts.
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I really liked how despite their memories being altered their fundamental relationships were still basically the same - Dutch and Davin immediately being into each other, Davin and Johnny nearly-immediately giving each other shit just like two brothers, Pree and Gared still being (though more complicated) a thing, Zeph still being basically Zeph. I like these characters so I'd rather watch the same characters put in a different setup than spend a couple episodes watching the actors play basically different characters until they get their memories back.

Kendry going all T2-Sarah-Connor was unexpected but I like it. They've been slowly building her out from totally self-serving to totally self-serving but in also love, but giving her a kid and leaving her on her own is a nice way to have her grow a lot more.
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Is there a cliff notes summery spoiler synopsis? I like the show but skipped a few episodes and between too much super duper interplanetary green goo and good-guy bad-something-something switcheroos I just can not figure out what's going on or who to root for or boo at.
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At this point, the big bad is 'The Lady', who has gotten out of the green goo and taken the form of a creepy little girl, and we're rooting for everyone else.

There's a Killjoys Wiki, and there should be Den of Geek recaps and TV Junkies articles in the previous Fanfare threads to jog your memory too.
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Not gonna lie, I've mostly gone bleh on most of my summer shows this year, but I'm still 100% onboard for Killjoys. Despite going a bit sideways with a deeper story I don't think they quite knew what to do with initially, they keep playing with the core crew dynamics in fun ways and the writing manages to skirt the line between playfully silly and dramatic fairly well.
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I am so so happy and excited this is back.
The show has been through so many incarnations and still manages to stay fresh without betraying the core characters.

So much joy.
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Also, I love how The Lady was clever enough to figure out that the best and easiest to maintain Lies need a basis in truth.

The fundamental core cast relationships were all there just hideously warped.
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Aaaaaaaand Pri with hair is so very very *wrong* even if the wig was actually pretty good.
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The girl who plays The Lady is who you'd cast as a young Zeph in flashbacks!
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So Khlyen made it out of the green - I wonder if that means Aneela made it too...
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I want to know who Fancy is when he doesn't have his memories! I would LOVE it if Fancy was the sweetest person, because he was not required to be the designated asshole. I want kindly charity worker Fancy.

Everything about this was so enjoyable. See everyone else's comments above. Loved how they threw a little bone to the Johnny/Dutch shippers. Love Della Sayeh's new look.

I knew it was the rain right away! Did anyone else?
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The green spew from the towers was kind of a give-away. That being said I don't think that was the revelation that mattered most in this episode. Khylen is in The Lady's care, Delle Sayah and Kin Rit were on Arkyn, and no one else who would have a clue about Yala's upbringing has memories. That leaves us with a high degree of probability that Aneela was the one who left the red box and locked Dutch in her bedroom. I have yet to watch tonight's episode so I may be wrong, they might just introduce a new character, but with everyone out of the Green we may see the daughters of Khylen do some serious damage.
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