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A new Angel attacks, forcing Rei to sacrifice herself to defeat...only to be found alive and well. But how?!
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Seele is a colossally bad judge of character. "The guy who's all secretive and shit and gave Unit-01 to his own kid just threw away a thing we need. Do you think he might be thinking about betraying us? Speak up, I can't hear you over the cackling that's going on somewhere."

The Angels get more and more fucked up. Armisael looks like a halo, can merge with both the Evas and the pilots, communicates telepathically, is immune to weapons fire, and only be killed by... reverse childbirth with Unit-00? What the absolute hell?

Also, this heel turn from Ritsuko really comes out of left field for me. Gonna have to rewatch and see if there's some clue to this that I missed in all the giant robot fighting.

Finally, I bet Hikari wishes she could go back to dreaming about making an extra lunch.
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I guess this show has some messed up biblical ideas about women. Like, what the hell, Anno? And I’m not sure what Ritsuko was meant to accomplish for SEELE here either, and why she was naked in her meeting with the council.
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Also, Rei is an Evangelion, the only one with a soul. And the soul transfers to the next body when one dies?
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The way that Evangelion portrays women is its biggest weakness, I think. You can see problems in earlier episodes but when it starts to pay attention to the psychology of its adult female characters it really goes off the rails.

Shinji develops more complexity as time goes on - as he tries to stand up to his father, as he struggles with his depression, as his alienation is explored, and so on.

But the female characters ... I always had some trouble with them because there is something that I just couldn't connect to. I think that Ritsuko's turn illustrates one of the issues, which is that as we learn more about them, it becomes more obvious that this is an outsider view of female psychology. And I say specifically female psychology, because it seems that Anno wants to explore their femaleness rather than their personhood. He does this through their relationship to men. And with Ritsuko and her mother, this relationship is degrading.

Even Asuka, whose origins and issues at first don't have much to do with men, has to make a pass at Kaji and be rebuffed. And it's not like this is an unrealistic for her to develop a crush or seek validation in this way, but it's grating when this is one way that female characters are pretty persistently othered in the show.
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Originally Aired/Laserdisc versus Director's Cut comparison from Eva Geeks, who also have a page on Theory and Analysis:Dummy Plug Plant Images, which were only included in the DC version, later removed from Renewal.
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I'm 80% sure this is the version of Beethoven's 9th they used for this episode: Furtwangler, Bayreuth 1951. And if it's not this exact one, I'm 99.99% sure it's a Furtwangler. Someone at Gianax has excellent taste.
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... and evageeks says I'm wrong and it's some dude named Alexander Rahbari.
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Metafilter: I'm 99.99% sure it's a Furtwangler
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All of the women's motivations in the show are driven by men's desire and desirability- Gendo, Kaji, and Ausuka's dad all have instances where two (or more) women are vying for their attention, and when the mother becomes incapacitated or unavailable (Yui, Ausuka's mom, even Misato to a certain extent), then the man is shown with another woman. That the men think the women are interchangeable and can be replacement mothers for their children is partially what messes the kids (Shinji, Ausuka, Ritsuko) up. I think Ritsuko might be tired of Gendo's bullshirt with Rei and has decided to stop the cycle of female replacements for a man.

The clone destruction scene reminds me of the Venture Brothers S3 reveal.

I also think the lever that Rei2 pulls in the last episode is supposed to be a memory/soul backup drive, so the new Rei will have her memories. The disk vaporized, so Rei3 doesn't remember the fight.
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