Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Collision Course (Part II)
July 23, 2019 12:16 PM - Season 6, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Sarge strikes a blow against Shrike gentrification. [Writing above-the-fold summaries without spoilers is hard! -ed]

Sarge gains control of the Zephyr and orders the crew to pursue Izel's ship.

On the truck. Deke can't disarm the bomb, but Daisy manages to contain it in seismic waves and prevents it from detonating. The truck crashes through the tower, releasing a swarm of pissed-off Shrikes. Daisy opens the truck door to let the Shrikes into a choke point where she destroys seven or eight of the birds, providing sufficient deterrent to the remaining thousands.

Sarge contacts Izel and they have a heated exchange. Izel thinks Simmons and Fitz are conspiring against her and decides to kill them

Yo-Yo digs into Jaco's motivations and reminds him that the cause is greater than blind loyalty. They help Mack break free. Mack defeats Sarge in a fight. They then breach Izel's ship, subduing much of the crew and rescuing Fitz and Simmons. Izel is nowhere to be found.

The group portals back to the truck. Jaco takes the bomb and returns to the ship, where he sacrifices himself by detonating it and destroying the ship.

While the team is celebrating their victories and mourning their losses, Davis passes out. May visits Sarge in his cell and puts four bullets in him. Grr. Argh.
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I'm not really sure how you decide something is a two-part episode in an uninterrupted season-long arc...
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So was Mack's comment to Daisy about "well, where you've been the last five years" an attempt at subtly bringing AoS back into the post Snapture timeline?
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I think that Mack was commenting on Daisy having been out in space looking for Fitz.
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Well right, but a lot of the previous in-show explanations have suggested that AoS and the bigger MCU have been in lockstep up (viz re: fr'ex Hail Hydra) until the AoS went off to the Kree Future in the beginning of S5, then bounced back to more or less just after when Enoch zapped them into the future, then a year-ish spent dealing with the fallout and the Hydra resurgent von Strucker storyline, somewhere around there it felt like they abandoned trying to keep the MTVU and MCU timelines in sync and they were only in space for a year searching for FreezerFitz..

Until this episode where Daisy and Jemma were out in space for five years?

Time dilation. Let's go with time dilation.

I honestly sort of expected that they would (and did) use the Kree Future storyline to paper over the events of Infinity War and Endgame (we're off 80 years in the future, guys, whatever happened back in 2018 with Thanos happened then, not now, don't think too hard about the implications), but then Endgame pushed the timeline forward 5 years and the AoS timeline gets a bit weird if they used the monoliths / gravitonium / magic to jump back to just after-ish they left, 4 years before the events of Endgame.

So yeah, it sorta feels like they're kind of retconning the "we searched for Fitz for a year!" to "oh no, actually it was more like 5 years, we're back in time to be ready for Phase 4, guys!"
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(I should clarify - a year with Hydra von Strucker on camera and another year spent off camera with Daisy and Jemma, still we're like 3 years short.)
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Mack's comment to Daisy about "well, where you've been the last five years"

MACK: When do I get to hear stories about deep space?
DAISY: [SCOFFS] When we sit down for debrief. I saw an ocean of lava.
MACK: For real?
DAISY: [CHUCKLING] Yeah. I didn't think I could come back to anything more bizarre, but I should've known better.
MACK: Well, where you been the last five years? I'm looking forward to that debrief.
DAISY: Me too.

This line struck me to mean simply "We've seen some crazy shit these last five years working for SHIELD, nothing should surprise you by now."
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Probably Endgame pulled the rug out from under the show runners? The writers sent the team into the future thinking they'd be safe there from snapture and come back when everything was fixed, not realizing it wouldn't get fixed until five years later?
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