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In the spirit of more open-ended conversations on MeFi, I'm just wondering what TV shows, films, books, podcasts, or Youtube channels you're enjoying right now? (Old or new, but if it hasn't been discussed much yet on FanFare, so much the better.) FanFare lurkers, we'd enjoy hearing from you too.

For those who haven't spent much time with this subsite, welcome!—this is probably the "easiest" area of MetaFilter to participate in, so to anyone reading out there, we'd like to have your voice in the mix. We can also offer help/advice on creating your own FanFare postings if you have any hesitation about that step.

Maybe we can also find out which media people would like to discuss on FanFare in greater detail.
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Zee Bashew does some wonderful videos on D&D topics including the animated spellbook. It's charming and cool and funny.
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I just finished The Priory of the Orange Tree, which I enjoyed very much.
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The priory of the orange tree is in my library queue! I'm expecting my copy in about nine weeks. And I love the Zee Bashew stuff, I keep on linking it to my players.

Um, I love Los Espookys. A lot. I keep on trying to explain it to people and failing. But it's my surreal goth found family show and am disappointed that I'm not seeing more screenshots on tumblr.

I just discovered that architectural digest has an 'experts explain stuff that relates to their expertise' youtube channels that I absolutely eat up. I might make a post on the blue about it.

This explanation of fractals blew my mind.
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We were recently reminded that we'd never seen Slings & Arrows except for a couple episodes here and there. The library a block down from where we're staying had season 1 on DVD so we're excited to start watching that. We're also slow-binging Doom Patrol, which is weird and awesome (although there's no Emmet Montgomery)*.

On YouTube I've been watching a bunch of photography tutorials by Peter McKinnon as I try to quickly spin up my Adobe Lightroom skills. I have a ton of raw files burning holes in my hard drives that I want to process and submit to stock photo archives, hoping for a little dribble of mailbox money.

At the moment there's a rock/metal festival happening in a park near where we're staying so we're enjoying the strains of hard rock with the blissful attenuation of distance. I think Marylin Manson is supposed to play later on.

*That's an obscure reference to a performer who hosts a night at Annex Theatre in Seattle called Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery which truly is both those things. It's live so it will never grace FanFare, but it's definitely worth checking out if you're in the area when it's happening.
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Right now I'm catching up on thenHugo Nominations for novellas, novellets and short stories. There's some truly brilliant stuff there
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For TV, I'm being utterly charmed by Perpetual Grace LTD. I really like Jimmi Simpson as an actor and Ben Kingsley is consistently a strange delight. The odd delivery and dialogue really make this show unlike anything else I can think of on TV.

On YoutTube, I watch anything that Bon Appetit puts out. Anything with Brad (It's Alive), Claire (Gourmet Makes), Chris, or Molly is especially recommended.

Just finished reading The Poppy War, which was great. Funny in places, touching in places, incredibly dark and disturbing in places. A protagonist that...definitely has an arc. Next up is probably Binti, or The Bear and the Nightingale. The Priory of the Orange Tree is on my list as well!

Pocasts currently are How Did This Get Made and slowly savoring the last episodes of Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins
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The past month had mostly been me browsing videos about making food, particularly cake. The YouTube channels I'll be mentioning also don't use any music (that I know of), or contain any spoken dialogue -- the camera remains steadfastly focused on the food being prepared. So, leaving them running in the background as an idle distraction I can watch for a bit whenever I need a breather is nice.

(1) HidaMari Cooking
(2) Cooking tree

The channel below trends towards more savoury foods, with an added quirk. There's just something charming about watching food being prepared at nearly-microscopic proportions, in such a straight-forward, and earnest way.

(3) Miniature Space
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I'm reading Midnight in Chernobyl, after watching the HBO show--after I finish it (or, more likely, return it to the library unfinished, because there are other people waiting to read it), I'll start Colson Whitehead's The Nickel Boys and/or Kyle Swenson's Good Kids, Bad City (I'm also looking forward to reading Cal Newport's Digital Minimalism and Jenny Odell's How to Do Nothing. Other-TV-wise, I've rewatched a lot of Mike Schur shows this summer--most of my pleasure reading lately has been about racism and politics and Chernobyl, so it's nice to watch things that are a little lighter.
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Mr. just_ducky and I are watching Blown Away on Netflix. It is weird to watch a reality show with no interpersonal drama! We are enjoying watching the artistic process of something we knew nothing about.
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I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a second season of Workin' Moms out on Netflix recently. It's super enjoyable to watch, with good/relevant storylines and likable characters, but I never hear anybody talking about it.

Also, the Podcast for Laundry and the rest of Brett Davis's oeuvre. Since Meet My Friends the Friends seems to be on hiatus, I need another source of cringe/disaster podcasting.
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I am loving Schitt's Creek, but I haven't had as much time to watch it as I would hope. Only at the beginning of season 2. The acting is stellar.

Reading-wise, I've been following along with the nostalgic YA book club.
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I finally got around to figuring out how Hoopla worked and discovered I could get much better access to graphic novels there than via my library's Overdrive setup, so I've been hoovering up lots of graphic novels. Reading through Paper Girls right now, which is a lot of fun. At bedtime I'm reading Kazuo Ishiguro's An Artist of the Floating World.

Not sure what I'm up to TV-wise, other than the requisite weekend Orange is the New Black binge. My enthusiasm for digging into the new Veronica Mars season has been hard to drum up. Everyone around me seems to be either still rewatching Good Omens obsessively or to have moved on to Mo Dao Zu Shi, so perhaps I'll dip my toe into that next if I can find it via one of the assorted streaming things I already have access to, since I don't really want to add another at this point.
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Lauren Faust of My Little Pony fame got the reins to DC Super Hero Girls earlier this year, and it is straight-up the best superhero property on TV right now. Shorts on YouTube, longer episodes (11 minutes each) on Cartoon Network.
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I am currently reading The Dying Grass by Vollmann. It's the 6th in a planned 7 book series on the relationship of colonialists to native peoples in North America (the first book actually begins in Greenland before advancing toward Nova Scotia).

I am watching Abyss on netflix. It's a Korean fantasy soap-opera murder mystery wherein a magical orb resurrects people, but in different bodies.. It's frenetically paced but fun. I wonder if enough MeFites are watching for me to make a fanfare post about it.

Savage Builds is more entertaining than I thought it would be, and Battlebots is a hoot.
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I'd like to hear more about Abyss!

I see from my post above that I neglected to say that what I'm also doing this summer, apparently, is gleefully making this the "one year every five or six that I suddenly get engaged in some sort of summer reality TV, contrary to my usual TV-watching patterns." So if anyone has some strong feelings about the Messy Queer Disaster Nonsense that is the current season of Are You The One, come sit by me, I have opinions and also I'm dying to know if people on this show, which I have never watched before, are always this bad at deductive reasoning re: this weird logic-puzzle-dating premise.
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I've been watching the latest season of Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix. He has some pretty good guests this time around. The Jamie Foxx one is interesting that they pretty much do zero driving around while they talk. Overall, I find the show fascinating as an intro the last half century of comedy in the US and Canada.
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I went ahead and made a fanfare post for Abyss. Thanks to Stacey for the encouragement. it took a bit of doing to get it in the database, but it's there now if anyone wants to give it a look.
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I have been reading a whole lot of romance novels, which may not be everyone else's cup of tea. But boy, I wouldn't mind starting a MeFi Romance Book Club.

I also just read Kingdom of Copper, the sequel to City of Brass, and OH MY GOD.

My current fandom otherwise is Duolingo French.
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The fact that the so-far successful Criterion Channel exists is making our lives much better, almost daily. Certainly each weekend night.
Guilty pleasures, but actually quite a bit better quality than your usual guilty pleasure I must admit streaming-wise are 24 Hours In Police Custody from Channel 4/amazon, Trapped from RUV/BBC/Amazon, and Scientology and the Aftermath.

24 HRS is nearly the opposite of COPS, cuz Britain, and Trapped seems like the arrival of new amazing Icelandic lead actor in murder mystery detective genre: Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, previously a wonderful comic foil on Maria Bamford's show.

Remini's assault on Scientology is good if you feel like Queer Eye didn't quite make you cry enough.
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I would love a Romance Book Club with some focus, at least sometimes, on romances involving marginalized people. I really enjoy romances with queer or disabled or neurodivergent or BIPOC characters. (Which! There's a new Cat Sebastian and a new Alisha Rai today, and I forgot I'd preordered them both, so they're sitting on my Kobo and tormenting me because I must work instead of reading them! Terribly unfair.)
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Podcast-wise, I have really been enjoying Overheard at National Geographic, which is generally a one-on-one discussion with a photographer or journalist at NatGeo about their latest reporting/project. I also listened to a bunch of Darknet Diaries after it was recommended hereabouts, so thanks for the rec, kind gentlepersons!

I've also been enjoying reading The Buried, which reminds me to some extent of Indonesia, Etc.; it touches on personal interactions with Egyptians, the chaotic politics post-Arab Spring, and the ancient history of various places, rendered through the lens of current archaeology and theories.
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The post about Naomi Novik's Spinning Silver intrigued me, and I blew through that book while I was on the train to Galaxycon. , I'm now reading Uprooted by Naomi Novik. someone here mentioned her book.

I just discovered vcr party live (a youtube show) and have been watching episodes of that.
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Last night we watched all of Twelve Forever. It was amazing, like a more surreal Gravity Falls or Adventure Time from before the fun died in that show. And the deeper themes, such as using the island to flee frommaturing out of childhood, and the cracks that appear between friends as they merrge into adolescence were perfectly handled. Its not so much a message show but a "this is what happens" series.

I didnt actively flee from my teen years, but I was immature and awkward and heavily invested in fantasy. So this show speaks to me. It was funny and weird and surprisingly painful.
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I have been reading a whole lot of romance novels, which may not be everyone else's cup of tea. But boy, I wouldn't mind starting a MeFi Romance Book Club.

I would participate in this so hard! Hard like the unexpectedly chiseled abs of mysteriously brooding duke who gets no noticeable exercise in his daily life. Hard like other parts of the mysteriously brooding duke, even.
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