Another Life: Through the Valley of Shadows
July 28, 2019 3:42 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

As tensions rise aboard the ship, the crew gets ready for an expedition to explore the planet; on Earth, Erik tries to decipher a clue from the artifact.
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I'm not sure if anyone else is continuing to watch, but the first episode got some comments and I would like to continue to nitpick if anyone else is interested.

This episode was just as bad as the first, in my opinion. Actually, maybe it was much worse. They are randomly finding planets to harvest oxygen by using uhhh gravitational lensing was it? I mean if they have AI like William why are there humans on the ship at all? Since they can communicate with no delay to earth why not just have a team at hand to control remotely if necessary? But honestly that's all besides the point because honestly, TIDES OF LAVA!?! Oh boy.

Wait, wasn't this literally a story line from the Battlestar Galactica reboot?

(I'm starting to love the show)
posted by Literaryhero at 3:51 AM on July 28, 2019

I'd be interested in a full-season thread! I binged through the whole thing.
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I watched another couple episodes last night, but it will be a day or two before I get there. Feel free to post away though. I doubt people have as much interest as I do in ridiculing the show in minute detail, so a series thread would probably be better.
posted by Literaryhero at 3:45 PM on July 28, 2019

Seeing this thread up made me go ahead and watch episode 2.

When what's-her-name opened her visor on the planet, the vision of Sam Rockwell's "Is there air?! You don't know!" bit from Galaxy Quest flashed through my brain. The amount of stupid in this show is almost impressive.
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These people are the dumbest astronauts. Let’s breathe the local air! We haven’t done any analysis on whether there is any local biology! Whooo!
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Did someone die from boneitis at the end?
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allright, I created the season thread.
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So how would the temperature on that planet manage to be comfortable for humans?

How is Dubois both Starbuck and her husband's boss? Why is she just hanging around watching the husband work?
posted by Literaryhero at 3:59 AM on July 29, 2019

This show makes absolutely no sense. It's full of pointless plot holes, made from 100% recycled tropes, chock full of gobbledygook science, and featuring characters that inexplicably are written like hormonal high schoolers. Still kind of fun to watch though.

One cool thing - I think the medic is transgender, and it's shown as a normal, non-central element of their character. If I'm right, nice representation! Otherwise, pretty white cast, but not completely.
posted by Salvor Hardin at 8:31 PM on August 18, 2019

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