Gugure! Kokkuri-san: Cat God Tama's Love at First Sight!
November 17, 2014 5:12 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Kokkuri and Kohina confront the cat god Tama after she has been stalking them. Later, while cleaning the Ichimatsu family storehouse, Kokkuri opens one of the boxes out of curiosity.
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I'm not sure which surprised me more in the the first sketch: How gruesome Tama's cafe was, or the rapid-fire search engine jokes making references that only the manga readers would get.
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bakeneko prostitutes of Edo

The latter link may be relevant to the exchange between Tama and Kokkuri, where Tama mentions she's also called "Tama of Third Street," and Kokkuri tells her to not use that.
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Heheh, at best I only get a few of Tama's jokes. The reason Kohina brought up the shimasen because they used to craft them out of cats in the old days. The water bottle trick is to believed to prevent feral cats from rummaging through your trash or backyard. The creepy dolls she is offering to trade are pretty commonly seen in JP horror movies or shows as a cursed item.

I'm not sure what does reciting poetry from memory and "sharanra" sounds have to do w/cursed dolls though. I did get the JRPG references if that counts, as often the Boss Room has a barrier only accessible after a long traveling quest through all the towns. I think the 3 Hits joke is how bosses have Critical points as a strategy and as the player Kohina needs to find them to escape.

I still love how even everything that's happened Kohina is still blunt and direct to Kokkuri-san when he asks for her thoughts in his new form. Nothing phases her.
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The "hits" announcer is more or less the one from Mortal Kombat (or fighting game of similar vintage). Kohina wins "Flawless Victory".

Reciting classic poetry would be a courtesan's art (furthering the whole "Tama from Third Street" thing). No idea about "Sharanra" aside from it seems to be an obscure video game from 1999 that was only released in Japan. Maybe It's merely a silly variation on another one of those conduct requirements, like the 15° bow and the dress code.

Crazy. Wikipedia says samisen resonators really are made from cat hide ("Student shamisen often use dog skin, and sometimes plastic, as they are cheaper.... It is said that the best sound quality is produced from a shamisen bound in cat skin. On the skin of some of the best shamisen, the position of the cat's nipples can still be seen."). I had assumed the joke was a riff on catgut strings.
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