Archer: Robert De Niro
August 4, 2019 11:56 PM - Season 10, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Season Finale: When a trial turns into a party it can only mean that Barry-6 has returned
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It's "HOWM"!
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A bit of a heartstrings, but I can see Malory spending the last three years in Archer's hospital room (as long as she has booze); he's the only thing she has in her life.

The mention that their relationship is a love story hit a little too close to home, with my own maternal relationship (overbearing mother when I was young).

Always thought that this was the last season, really wondering which direction they can take for the 11th. What has the rest of the crew been doing the last three years, have they all scattered to the four corners? Would they even remotely want to be involved with the Archers again?

Abigene? Seamus?

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Entertainment Weekly got a scoop on what we could expect with season 11, and why executive producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis went genre-hopping ("we got bored telling a mission-of-the-week story," so don't expect the next season to be a return to classic Archer). They also give away some details of character developments, so expect mild spoilers.
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“Order, or I will hold you all in a different kind of contempt!”
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The scene where Archer’s point of view panned across Malory’s makeshift bedroom was much more heartrending than I ever expected from this show.

Also, the flashbacks were shocking in revealing how the art style has evolved over the years.
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I love that Malory seemed to become friendly if not outright friends with the nurse over the three years, that's a big change for her.
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I totally thought the previous episode was the finale so this felt like a bonus.

One of the illustrators is named Kit Race. How cool is that?
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The musical choice for the flashback montage was odd. Was it relevant in some way I'm not picking up on?
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I believe the title of the song is ‘Robert DeNiro’ but I can’t figure it out either.
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... hopeful? There's the opportunity to explore Archer growing up a little, but there's the fallback of just going formula (old fun Cheryl coming back online).

Pam on Karate Island? Fuck yeah.
(I think Kung Fu Island would have sounded better)

Cyril gaining confidence could be interesting. Curious to see if he turns into a jerk (and maybe get taken down a notch after Archer recovers).

No Ray?
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> No Ray?

Someone spotted him at 1:26 in, over to the side.
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