Archer: Archer 1999: Cubert
July 25, 2019 11:02 AM - Season 10, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The crew of the Seamus find a mysterious cube floating in space and bring it aboard.

A lot to unpack in this episode. Archer is starting to lose his mind. Or wake up.

AV Club: Archer's mind is cracking, and a legitimately shocking twist comes oozing out of the gaps
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It was an interesting, if sudden, reversal; but I want more of the ghost cube.
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Please tell me you didn’t try to have sex with the ghost cube.

This was fun, the twist was satisfying, and goddammit I can't wait for next week.
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I agree with the AV Club's William Hughes, that the announcement that there'll be an 11th season (link to a comment in last week's episode), and he'll wake up, at a recent Comic-Con panel took some of the mystery out of this week's episode. Once Lana appears in her space whore prior outfit, it's clear what is happening.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. I feel like Krieger's line "The scanner shows normal vitals and doesn't show anything physically or neurologically unusual. No drugs in his system and just what I assume is a therapeutic level of bourbon." is about his real-world evaluation.
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Okay, I have been lukewarm on the season so far, but this one kept me hooked.
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I have to give it to them; maybe the Show will prove me wrong.

Have to keep reminding myself that this is all in Archer's head. The stupid bits are all Archer.

Which retroactively makes my aspersion of s10e06 Roadtrip look buffoonish. jerkArcher knows deep down that he's a huge jerk and may even cut himself up over it (magnified effect) through imagining a niceArcher.

Which would also be consistent with Archer wondering what he'd look like bald.

On that note, the initiated (domestic) violence towards Lana is completely fucked up. On one hand, it demonstrates the severity of Archer's condition, but is a really cheap shortcut/ shorthand. On the other hand, it explores the depth of Archer's being; he's probably subconsciously aware of Seamus, his son, and his relationship with Lana ("co-Captain."), and he still did what he did.

On the gripping hand, this feels like a stunt. Unless they address domestic violence/ elder abuse in the final episode before S11.
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Mallory: How does that thing know all that? (referring to the scanner)
Krieger: I know! Pretty great!
Mallory: All right, keep scanning or whatever

As a one-off, it'd have amused a certain subset of media consumers, but they built it up through the episode and brought the viewers who were naive to the concept/ joke into the fold.
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The rewatch will be interesting, for sure.
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I've watched every episode of Archer but I've missed some detail. What do people mean when they say he's going to wake up? When did he fall asleep?
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TV's Michael Gray!
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Also: Mr. Mom reference!
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The corpse in the library, Archer's been in a coma since he got shot at the end of season 7. Dreamland, Danger Island, and 1999 have all been in head.
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Oh. Huh. I missed that — I thought he died and that we were just, I don’t know, still going.
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So did they just clip out "yes sir" and "no sir" from previous George Coe recordings, or get an impersonator, or what?
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I assume it'd be trivially easy to do the former, Monochrome.
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