Superman Vol. 1 The Unity Saga: Phantom Earth
August 5, 2019 4:40 PM - by Brian Michael Bendis - Subscribe

It's Superman's job to keep the Earth safe, no matter what, but when the entire planet is mysteriously transplanted into the Phantom Zone, the prison dimension built to hold Krypton's most dangerous criminals, it may be more than Superman and even the Justice League can handle.

Collects issues 1-6 of the freshly renumbered self-titled Superman comic.
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Scattered thoughts:
-new Fortress of Solitude in the Bermuda Triangle? Sure, why not.
-I like the bit where Kal-El realizes the story "Clark" is writing about Superman is self-aggrandizing
-I enjoyed Superman repeatedly dipping out of his convo with Martian Manhunter to rapidly save someone
-the entire earth into the Phantom Zone? Well, I can't say I have seen that before.
-I like that the move rapidly damages the earth in myriad ways. Consequences!
-I still couldn't pick Rogol Zaar out of a lineup.
-Bendis is giving Kal-el some really reflective internal monologues. The one is practically the Superman take on "Look for the helpers." Very cool.
-I CANNOT BELIEVE they brought Nuclear Man from Superman IV into the comic continuity. I like that he killed him off immediately.
-Adam Strange calling support to report that Earth is missing is hilarious.
-Also enjoyed Kal-El explaining to Jonathan about how people who don't manage to do their best today might do better tomorrow. Such a Superman POV!
-I'm normally super tired of Zod, but this was an okay use of him.

Overall, this flowed better than the Man of Steel collection, continued to show a terrific understanding of the character, but still didn't payoff Rogol Zaar. My kid has been away all summer with his grandma, so I found the scenes of Kal-El missing his family surprisingly relatable.

I'm still super pissed about Superboy though. Pre-teen Superboy was THE BEST.
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I'm re-reading the Jurgens run now and while I am enjoying Bendis on Superman, he's a clear step down from Jurgens and the Rebirth relaunch. I just love those to pieces.
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