Wu Assassins: Season 1 (Full Season)
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Yesterday, he dreamed of owning a food truck.Today, he's humanity's last hope. He's the Chosen One -- and the last hero of his kind. (Netflix Original)
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Well, that was an overall disappointment. There were glimmers of a decent show in there - good cast, good fight choreography. But the writing was bad, the balance between the family/interpersonal drama & the Wu-woo was lousy, and I found the intermittent flashback structure confusing at times.
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This is scratching my "crap, why did Into the Badlands get canceled" itch, but it's not as good as that series was, IMO.

It can still stay and be Friend. I do definitely find the whole Wu storyline hella confusing, but I'm still hoping it gets renewed for a second season.

I'm mostly staying for the ITB alumni involved with the show, but hopeful the (terrible dialogue, terrible writing) kinks can get worked out so I'm not tempted just to fast-forward directly to the fight scenes.
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I continue to have almost no regrets whatsoever in regards to my interaction with this series. The fight scenes are good, and everything else is so bad it's good, the dialogue, the weird complexity, etc.
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I've watched 3 episodes and I am enjoying it. the fight scenes are great, and the story is interesting even if the dialogue is awful. some of the acting is pretty good (Jenny is carrying every scene she's in) but a lot of it is downright painful, yet it still manages to be fun .
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Just finished last night. The fighting really is top notch. I was glad the ending had more fights than dialog overall, or at least it felt that way.

It did feel like the last 2 episodes were very rushed. We didn't get into the current Water Wu and her past, and the Metal Wu being just a run of the mill jackass who came into power was pretty one-dimensional. But yay Summer Glau!

Most of the acting is indeed terrible, but the few Hollywood veterans helped it to be tolerable, like Li Jun Li, Byron Mann and of course, Tommy Flanagan.

I was a little sad that Uncle Six didn't survive, and I guess we'll see more of Zan next season.

The mythology felt incomplete, but I think that's to give more content to upcoming seasons, so I'm not too worried.
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Decider - Stream It Or Skip It

Review: Fight scenes are the only bright spot in grim, joyless Wu Assassins -- Seriously, just fast-forward through all the silly plot holes and leaden dialogue. (Jennifer Ouellette for Ars Technica)

I made it through the first episode and bailed. If you're looking for a martial arts spectacular series, Warrior (FanFare, where I tried to keep spoilers from the blurbs) is fantastic. With that show as a frame of reference, Wu Assassins is hokey, which makes me sad. I'll echo the Ars Technica reviewer: "It's such a shame, because there is enough here in terms of a potentially rich mythology to get a sense for the show this might have been."

I might try to watch the rest of this, and focus on the fight scenes.
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I finally finished and yeah, it's just a shame about how many amateurish elements brought it down.
It's not like there isn't a template for a story like this. 5 elementals -- well, they each deserve an arc, so the protagonist has to either fight them individually, or, as these stories go, he screws that up and uh oh, they gather together and now he's got a bigger problem. Big "Boss" battle at the end!

One season is probably not enough to tell that type of story, especially if you want to go all GRRM and subvert some tropes, or make one of the elementals somehow a sympathetic character, or an ally of the assassin.

So beyond the ham-fisted dialogue, the entire season long plot was waaaaaaay too rushed for 10 episodes.

They seemed to spend a bunch of budget on music and flashy effects, and tried really hard to have some Tarantino-esque set pieces, but that stuff really couldn't overcome how choppy the writing made almost all of the scenes in between the fights.

IN better hands this could have been really fun. I guess I had enough fun to make it through, but even the ending was sooooo awkward (I won't spoil it in case anyone else makes it that far , but boy, it's...well...) that I wonder if it will get picked up for a 2nd season.
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Yeah, you'd think this would be right up my alley, but I just lost interest about halfway through, for the reasons everyone else did. (I think what really killed it for me was all the ManPain "Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!" flashback stuff from the Wood guy (Tommy Flanagan)).

But the writing was bad, the balance between the family/interpersonal drama & the Wu-woo was lousy,

The really annoying thing about that is that Iko Uwais is actually a really good actor with just facial expressions and body language - see The Raid:Redemption - so all that clunky dialog in service of dragging out all that family drama stuff was just unnecessary.
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