The Report: Part IV: A Tale of Two Trump Towers
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As the Russians were engaged in operations to hack and dump emails, the Trump campaign and its associates were in communication with Wikileaks about the distribution of stolen materials. But that's far from the whole story of the Trump campaign's connections to Russia during the 2016 election. As Special Counsel Robert Mueller began to piece together the rest of that story, his investigation came to focus on two Trump Towers. The first is Trump Tower Moscow. Beginning all the way back in 2013 and through the spring of 2016, the Trump organization is pursuing a project to build a skyscraper in Russia. For a long time, the plans for Trump Tower Moscow had gone nowhere. But when Donald Trump announces he is running for president, things start to get interesting.
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This series just continues to be excellent. I'll keep posting episodes in the hopes that folks catch on and catch up and can contribute to discussion.

This episode was so engrossing I forgot to note the details I wanted to note here. On the other hand, I think this is the episode—note sure if it's the content in it, or all of the content in the series so far—where I can definitely see how Mueller could think "read the report" would lead congress to being impeachment proceedings, because there is clear evidence and a straight line between the Trump campaign's dealings and Russian interference.
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I'm in the Netherlands and following this from a distance, but I'd like to thank you for these posts. I was familiar with Lawfare, but I think I found this podcast via FanFare. Maybe adding a potus45 tag might help to get the word out?
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Good idea, thanks! Just now posting the newest episode, so I'll start there.
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