Killjoys: Three Mutineers
August 23, 2019 8:23 PM - Season 5, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Dutch's prison takeover is thwarted by an unexpected hostage situation, leaving her, D'avin and John scrambling for a new plan.
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I hope the warden sticks around. That actor plays Nhan on Star Trek: Discovery btw. And Captain Pike (?!?) was captain of the Agatha King on The Expanse.

I loved Kendry's line "I may be human, but I'm still a terrible person."

Ugh, tough times for Gared and Pree. I hope they can work things out.

Khlyen showed some real emotion when he thought Yala was dead! Nice to see him being vulnerable.

I like how they handled the tension between Dutch and Johnny, making him realize she had feelings about it too.
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This episode was surprising to me in a number of ways. I like that Johnny and Dutch want to be friends but also have a fake relationship PTSD to deal with. (I was really worried they were going to lean in to a pining-Johnny situation and I was not liking that one bit.) I loved the way Kendry and Aneela resolved their issues, and I also liked that the show isn't redeeming them per se or letting them off the hook. The use of the bombs plus the cloaking device was REALLY clever.

Also, OMG the Fancy memory wipe! Poor Fancy. I laughed. I really like Sean Baek and I hope to see him in more things.

Whenever I think I know where this show is going, it goes in an entirely different direction. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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(just an fyi - someone else should feel free to post the episode 7 thread on Friday, I won't get a chance to watch it until Tuesday)
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I liked a lot about this episode (including much that has already been addressed above) but I absolutely hated the final scene where the prisoners end up celebrating the team. That felt so forced and artificial, especially after the real moments between Kendry and Aneela and Johnny and Dutch.
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Agree with sardonyx. I can see why they wanted our heroes to get some validation, but that wasn't the way to do it. Something quieter, maybe one-on-one, with some "influencer" prisoners realizing how much worse it could have gone and seeking out the Killjoys to tell them? But that would have taken a while, so maybe they were pressed for runtime?
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Yeah, I sort of blocked that out of my mind. I was sure they were going to flip the trope and turn into something else, but no.
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