Killjoys: Cherchez la Bitch
August 31, 2019 7:10 AM - Season 5, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The team goes undercover on a Leithian military base to help find The Lady's true body.
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I looooooooooooved this episode. So many pieces fitting together!

The Lady knows just the buttons to push on Khlyen to get him to do what she needs. And, weirdly, I think she...likes him? But what she's doing is all she knows how to do.

Love seeing Pree and Zeph play off each other. And the Heroic Trio of Pree, Zeph and Turin. And oh, Turin giving Zeph encouragement in his own manner and then LOCKING HER IN in order to make sure she stays safe. WOW. I'm hoping Turin doesn't come to a bad end, but if he does, this was one hell of a scene to end on.

Speaking of people who I hoped wouldn't come to a bad end...FANCY GOT RESCUED BY LUCY!!! I was wondering why doors were opening and little sounds were going off and then - WOW.

I was thinking during this episode: man, Pree must be the role of a lifetime for Thom Allison. He gets to be campy, he gets to be a warlord, he gets so many of the best lines, and he also gets to have emotionally intense scenes like the one with Gare-Bear. Plus the looks he gets to rock!

Militainment – boy, if that's not a commentary I don't know what is. I liked seeing Team Awesomeforce work out their issues. And also, the hilarity with the razor and the boot and D'avin. I also liked seeing Calvert get more depth.

Noocy reboots Lucy, and Lucy frees Fancy and Fancy rescues everyone! And "We had a baby!" I'm so glad Johnny got his Lucy back.

And next week we get to meet ZEPH'S PARENTS?!? This season is giving me things I didn't even know I wanted!
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IMDb's cast list for the next episode is rather thin so far. Who would you cast as Zeph's parents? Thinking of Canadian genre ectors, I'm going with Jennifer Irwin and Christopher Heyerdahl (this is assuming a hetero pairing, which of course is not a given).
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When this show gets character moments right, it really gets them right. Gare-Bare reading Pree the relationship riot act was a truly needed and necessary step. (I'm already missing Pree's fabulous hair, even if the look he is now sporting is his traditional character look.)

D'Avin's insecurity about his relationship with Dutch sans Johnny is very understandable. I loved how Dutch acknowledges that she and Johnny work better together than she and D'Avin do, at least for now.

As for Johnny, I get the feeling they're trying to find a partner for him, pairing him up with the Warden and with Calvert as initial tests to see which relationship sticks. Not that I'm rooting for either relationship to happen, if forced to pick, I'd be on team Warden.

That's actually a really good casting exercise, under_petticoat_rule.
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IN any case it's like half likely to be "oh hey _those_ guys! They were in the last two dozen Vancouver-ian SF productions!" as newcomers, right?

And yeah, glad they got out of prison, it was sort of treading water. I'm not sure how they're going to deal with at least a few of the elements they brought back into the show. Like, did we really need Aneela and the Hullen's storyline to (potentially) come back? I mean I guess it ties up some loose ends for Jaq and Kendry? Some of it is nice and quick and needed resolution (Pree/Gared, say, or "Hey, Fancy!"), and I suppose it helps getting Jaq into a good place so he can deal with the Lady?
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