A Black Lady Sketch Show: Why Are Her Pies Wet, Lord?
August 30, 2019 8:41 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Four friends on a camping trip unknowingly disprove a stereotype. A pastor tries to take back control of his church potluck. A flight attendant struggles to get compliance from newlyweds Chris and Lachel in the exit row. Elementary school students notice a change in their teacher Ms. Miller. Jackie receives a less-than-warm welcome when she returns to her hometown high school.

Guest stars include: Khandi Alexander, David Alan Grier, Tony Baker, Amber Riley, Issa Rae, Deon Cole, Garrett Morris, Yvonne Orji, Broderick Hunter, Sonya Eddy, and Yvette Freeman

Deadline: ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ Renewed For Season 2 By HBO:
HBO has picked up a second season of A Black Lady Sketch Show, a half-hour sketch comedy starring and executive produced by Robin Thede (The Rundown with Robin Thede) and executive produced by Insecure‘s Issa Rae.
The Ringer: The Many Voices of ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’
“I didn’t want all the same type of black women in the room,” Thede says. “I wanted ones who had come from lower economic backgrounds, or higher economic backgrounds, or college, or no college. One of our writers had been a stripper before; one of them went to Yale. There’s all sorts of different perspectives, and that was really important to me, because I didn’t want to paint black women as a monolith.”
Deadline: New Hollywood Podcast: Robin Thede Is Having The Best Hot Girl Summer With The Groundbreaking ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’:
Thede paid a visit to the New Hollywood Podcast to talk about her experiences in sketch comedy, love for improv, her journey as a TV writer and the ins-and-outs of the brilliant “Basic Ball” sketch. She also shares her idea of the perfect “Hot Girl Summer” and what she is doing to prep for the season of “THOTumn”.
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This is such a great show! I'm happy they've been picked up for a second season.
posted by Umami Dearest at 7:22 AM on August 31, 2019

Great news on the second season. This show is brilliant and it's fun to see so many Black entertainers doing cameos.

Re the problematic sweet potato pie, the struggle is real: Black Grandmas Try Other Black Grandmas' Sweet Potato Pie.
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Just wanted to thank you for posting these episodes on Fanfare. I’m glad this show exists and that it’s getting the attention and praise it deserves!
posted by nightrecordings at 4:10 PM on August 31, 2019

omg thanks for posting the link with the guest stars bc i thought i recognized amber riley looking for a unicorn at the church open mic but it wasnt on her imdb. that was gonna drive me nuts

Cool Handshake Teacher Needs A Win is a line i want to steal for an online bio somewhere and the state lotto ad thrown up at the end made me laugh so hard
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There's an explosion of amazing PoC sketch comedy right now. This is one of my favorites but if you like this, check out Sherman's Showcase on IFC. It's written by Bashir Salahuddin & Diallo Riddle, John Legend producing, with Bashir playing the title role. It pretends to be an infomercial for an incomplete DVD collection of a variety show that ran for decades similar to Soul Train, American Bandstand, or The Midnight Special. Also featuring insane cameos and some cross-pollination with folks in this show. It includes moments from the pretend variety show, but it also digresses into commercials, spin-offs, and just plain insanity. Alternatino on Comedy Central is Arturo Castro's new sketch show and it's also hilarious. There's a sketch in that one about the competitive world of matriarchal tamale-making that will remind you of the sweet potato pie rivalry. It is so nice to have some real options to the Harvard Lampoon pipeline, white bro sketch universe of SNL and its offshoots.
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