The Report: Part VII: Charging Decisions
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It's April 18, 2019, Attorney General Bill Barr summons reporters to the Department of Justice in Washington DC. Robert Mueller's report is about to be released. Before the press and the public finally see the document for themselves, Barr wants a chance to tell his own version of the story it contains. But is the bottom line according to Barr the same as the bottom line according to Robert Mueller? We'll let you decide.

Previous episodes have told the story of the factual findings of the Mueller report—what did investigators figure out about what happened? And what were the questions they couldn't fully answer? Conducting the investigation is one part of the Special Counsel's job: collecting evidence and assembling a record. But the investigation actually supports Mueller's larger responsibility: he must reach a set of legal conclusions about the evidence his team has found. The Special Counsel needs to decide which parts of the story laid out in Volume One of the Report amount to prosecutable crimes. This episode covers those decisions. Where does Mueller decide to bring charges? And when he doesn't, is that because he thinks nothing improper or possibly criminal occurred? Or is it because he finds that the evidence just isn't sufficient to prove things beyond a reasonable doubt? Here's what the Mueller Report says about how the Special Counsel's office made these decisions.
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In this episode, we get to the decisions the investigators made into charging our various characters with the crimes they may have committed. In doing so, the podcast goes deeply into the legal issues surrounding what we've learned so far, and why Mueller's team made the decisions they did. First: collusion, which has no real legal definition or meaning, versus conspiracy. Lying to investigators and Congress: what are the legal thresholds? What were the various actors charged with, and why those charges?

It's an episode that really does live up to the promise of a legal-issues-forward podcast on this topic.

This episode also concludes coverage of Volume 1, and will take a few weeks off before coming back to cover Volume 2, which goes into the story of the investigation (and how the administration tried to stop it).
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