The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 35
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The defenders of Kepler, West Virginia continue their desperate struggle for survival. A world away, a softly spoken truth reverberates down a subterranean chasm. The Pine Guard's destiny waits below. The penultimate episode of the Amnesty campaign.
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I'm not entirely clear how the Quell situation was resolved, exactly, but I was really into the last ten minutes. Next week should be a blast.
posted by Tevin at 6:22 AM on September 13, 2019

I think Aubrey stunned it into not fighting back for a second, and then Sylvain dropped the whole-ass crystal on it?

Regardless, this was awesome and I loved it.
posted by nonasuch at 7:00 AM on September 13, 2019

There were a few times when I glanced at how much time was left since it sounded like it would be the perfect place to end on a cliff hanger. So I'm glad the Quell situation was resolved in this episode.

My one hope for the last episode is for me not to cry like I did at the end of Balance. But seeing as how I teared up when Aubrey saw Ned saving her and her father, I'm pretty sure, happy or sad, the tears will flow.
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Holy moly I really really like how it ended. Extremely pumped for the proper finale for this one too — I’m glad that the quell thing got resolved this episode to give Duck’s story time to finish.

And that name reveal
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This episode was so good. I loved everything about it. One of my favorite things about this family is how reliable and trustworthy they are, and especially Griffin's storytelling. I really felt that come through in this one. For example when he was talking about how Sylvain came to be inside Aubrey this whole time, it was told in such a careful & thorough way so as to make something that could have been just left vague & hand-wavey instead easy to believe and understand and just enjoyable for the degree of thoughtfulness that is so rare in my day to day. I was expecting that reveal something like Steven Universe, which, to me, because I don't like that show very much, meant expecting to be disappointed so I was pleasantly surprised. There were so many of these little moments that just felt so expected and so right in a very comforting way.
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I would love an animation of Duck spiking that log with Beacon and whipping it around, hammer toss style, into the Quell as a distraction. Although I can picture it so vividly, maybe I don't need one. I'm aching for a The The Adventure Zone Zone for Amnesty. I kind of wish they would get someone else to guest host it (maybe Jesse Thorn or John Hodgman) to be able to dig into Griffin's world-building decisions in a way that I don't think he would offer up himself.
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