Prodigal Son: Pilot
September 23, 2019 8:20 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Malcolm Bright is an acclaimed criminal psychologist. He knows how killers think, how their minds work. He ought to know, his father was a serial killer, known as The Surgeon. Now there's a copycat, imitating his father's methods. Bright may be the only one who can stop him.
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Comrade Doll said, with total confidence, about ten minutes into this pilot episode, that Malcolm's sister Ainsley is the killer. Not sure if she's right, but I wanted to log that somewhere in case she is.
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Damn Michael Sheen for being so captivating, I'll probably keep watching this for the rest of the season.
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I laughed at Mom's nonchalant delivery of "I had Luisa change the sheets and wipe down your restraints.", followed by "Quaalude?" She's my current favorite character - the rest seem fairly predictable so far, but it *is* just the pilot.
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Comrade Doll's theory is that Ainsley is the mastermind behind one or more minion killers. She claims the overemphasis on how Ainsley is "the good one" and "without the issues" is telegraphing that shit hard.
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It's true that Ainsley is the only one in that family who appears to have no problems whatsoever, *and* who claims to remember nothing about the night her father was arrested. Both ideas make me suspicious.
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Bellamy Young, who plays Malcolm's mother, is a whole twelve years older than he is.
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Ainsley stuff from episode one:
-as a young child, she watches her father's arrest
-walking with her brother, she comments cheerily about how she doesn't have any issues like Malcolm does... then she takes a mysterious call and lies to him about it
-Mrs. Whitly says Ainsley is perfect and never gives her any worry

Also, note Malcolm smarmily saying the killer has to be a man.

In fact, as he confidently describes the killer ... Ainsley calls.

Yes, it's definitely a bald, imposing man. Then Ainsley texts him.

At dinner with his family, he begins a sentence "This new killer..."

Cut to Ainsley making a weird, knowing face.
Guys, I think my spouse pegged this one right off the bat. (Before most of this was even on screen.)
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Yeah I think Ainsley is also the Moriarty.

Honestly if not for Sheen, I'd nope out of this show. I may still, but I'll give it at least 2 more eps.
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