Gilmore Girls: Love & War & Snow
November 20, 2014 1:46 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Snow strands Rory at her grandparents’ home, while Lorelai spends the day with Max. Meanwhile, Lane misses Rory and comes to visit.
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Oh god, Lane's torment in this episode is just so real it's a bit painful.
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Binge watching. Have finished the whole seven seasons now. I don't really remember this episode anymore but I really noticed that the writing goes downhill steadily after the third season. I cared enough about the characters to see it through though.
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Bee'sWing, I think that's why no one is participating in these threads anymore - we all binge-watched the whole thing in like 6 weeks.
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I'm sure it's true, lunasol. But I've already binged the series twice this year (I am newly retired) so I don't think I should go back again.
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Dammit, I closed the browser where I was writing down the funny quotes.
Memorable moments: Emily discovers frozen pizza, Rory tells about the time they had foie gras on pizza.
Richard gets a servant's name right, actually does some work by hanging up on someone.
Lane fondles a dude's hair.
Luke is nice enough to bring coffee to re-enactors and then get all sad when Lorelai is on a date. Dude, stop mouthing off at the woman and ask her out, or suffer the consequences.
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