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A drama centering around the relationship between a thirtysomething single mother and her teen daughter living in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

Gilmore Girls: Rory's Dance  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 9

Rory takes Dean to a dance at Chilton, while Emily keeps Lorelai company at home.
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Gilmore Girls: Love & War & Snow  Season 1, Episode 8

Snow strands Rory at her grandparents’ home, while Lorelai spends the day with Max. Meanwhile, Lane misses Rory and comes to visit.
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Gilmore Girls: Kiss and Tell  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 7

Rory gets kissed and Lorelei loses it. Then Dean gets invited over and Rory loses it. [more inside]
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Gilmore Girls: Rory's Birthday Parties  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 6

Rory has two 16th birthday parties: one hosted by her mother, one by her grandmother.
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Gilmore Girls: Cinnamon's Wake  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 5

Babbette and Morey's cat dies. Lorelai misses her date with Max because of the funeral. She also discovers that Rory is keeping a secret from her, namely Dean.
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Gilmore Girls: The Deer Hunters  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 4

Rory has a hard time adjusting to Chilton and her car gets hit by a deer.
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Gilmore Girls: Kill Me Now  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 3

When Richard and Rory bond over a game of golf at the club, Lorelai feels jealous of Rory's deepening connection with her grandparents.
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Gilmore Girls: The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton  Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 2

Rory starts private school and meets a new rival; Lorelai got up late adding stress to first day drop off.
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Gilmore Girls: Pilot   Rewatch   Season 1, Episode 1

Rory is accepted into the elite Chilton prep school. Bad news for Lorelai: she must make amends with her parents to borrow the money for Rory's tuition. The money is available -- with strings attached. [more inside]
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