Carol's Second Act: Pilot
September 26, 2019 7:43 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

This was the least enjoyable of the sitcoms so far -- super-intrusive laugh track, and seeing Cedric Yarbrough make an appearance as the nurse just reminded me of what a bummer it is that Speechless got canceled.
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This felt very, very pilot-like to me, and not in a very good way. I think three-camera hospital sitcoms just don't work, because the stakes are never high enough for the medical part, and the conversations and situations are restricted by the format. I like Heaton and the rest of the cast was fine, but it was just....really average to me.
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So this is in a world where there is not only no HIPAA, but in fact not even the idea that maybe you shouldn't be yapping about a patient's medical history in any random hallway. Got it.

I don't like the trio of other interns. One is privileged, one is insecure, and one is... both of those things?

The Chief Resident is not John C. McGinley (or at least, she doesn't have the writing behind her that McGinley had), and frankly, even Dr. Cox was a relic of a time long since dead. Chieves-Resident aren't tyrants trying to winnow out the "real" doctors (i.e., the ones with no lives who can work 72-hour shifts) anymore -- they're far more concerned with making sure that doctors aren't, y'know, killing patients.
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