Sunnyside: Pilot
September 26, 2019 7:43 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

A former NYC councilman finds his calling when he meets a group of immigrants in search of the American Dream. (NBC US broadcast)
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i laughed at a lot but it had a weird energy to it - but also, pilot episode. i was excited to recognize joel kim booster though from finding his standup a few weeks ago! i like him
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I got to see this at a local Queens screening event a few days before the TV premiere! Penn was there and answered some interviewer and audience questions after the showing. I was so happy when he referenced Head of the Class and answered my question about immigrant experience among directors and writers (answer: yes, they've been strongly seeking out writers, directors, and actors who are immigrants, are the children of immigrants, or otherwise have a lot of experience with immigration).

"Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer has expressed his desire to feature in NBC’s new comedy series..."

I think it's a cute funny show that's setting up a redemption arc the way (as I understand it) Community sort of did as well. So far I don't know whether it'll be really incisive or groundbreaking or super well-crafted in its comedy, but it looks set to be a good sitcom that shows people like me having problems and lives and helping each other, which is a nice thing to see.

I am curious whether conservative Indian-Americans will notice that Councilmember Modi has the same surname as India's Prime Minister and read something into that (I presume this is Penn's way of tipping his hat to his birth name).
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I found it mostly ok; I will stick with it because of Schur, and that The Good Place is in its last season. Otherwise I don't know if the pilot could stand on its own merits.
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Am I wrong that this was lit like a drama instead of a sitcom?
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That was fast
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