Fall 2019 Anime Season
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MyAnimeList. AniChart. Do I see ... grownups?

Over 40 new shows, up from summer. And several shows with adult protagonists - e.g. Psycho-Pass 3, Kabukicho Sherlock, Babylon. Also Legend of Galactic Heroes, as it looks like outside of Japan, S2 will be shown as separate episodes, and not grouped into movies.
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Thanks, again and always, for posting the lists.

I enjoyed Psycho-Pass, but missed PP 2. Kabukicho Sherlock sounds intriguing. In general, I'll follow the suggestions of others :)
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I myself am curious if Psycho-Pass 3 will require one to have viewed the Sinners of the System movies from earlier this year. I did watch PP 2 and the 2015 movie, but not the 3 Sinners of the System movies.
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Psycho Pass 2 is... different from the first, it feels like it has less of the cyberpunk Hannibal vibe that I liked of the first season and is leaning a little harder on straight gore, but I'm still enjoying it a lot, as I crank through it in an attempt to be able to watch the third season in a timely manner. I feel like most of what I'm looking forward to at this point are just "more X" new seasons of shows I've been watching. More My Hero Academia, more Psycho Pass. I'm kind of interested in Kabukicho Sherlock but there's going to be some wildly problematic stuff there and I'm not sure how well that's going to sit with my watch group, we'll see. Some sports anime that might be promising but I haven't really heard much about yet.

I think the one thing I'm genuinely looking forward to that's new is Ascendance of a Bookworm. I feel like watching Babylon and PP3 at the same time may be a decision I regret later in the season, but I will probably make the attempt.

It's actually seeming like kind of a light season for me despite the number of things coming out, but that might be good, I've got a lot of things I still need to catch up. Still haven't gotten to the second season of Mo Dao Zu Shi, which I think is up fansubbed somewhere at least at this point, and behind on Carole and Tuesday and a couple shows I really was enjoying from summer where my watch group got interrupted with scheduling problems.
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I was looking forward to Ascendance of a Bookworm but the first episode is far more twee and perky than I was expecting, complete with some fourth-wall breaking to drive home the fact that, in case you haven't guessed yet, the protagonist really likes books a lot. Haven't read the VN but the manga at least is considerably more grim about the state of the world and gives the protagonist's quest a sense of weight and meaning than the anime so far has lacked. I'll do the usual three episodes, but I suspect that if it doesn't get better I'll end up hatewatching the whole series anyway.
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Once again there's a shitton of isekai this season: Ascendance of a Bookworm, Shinchou Yuusha, Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku you desu!, Hataage! Kemono Michi, and Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!,

I'm starting to wonder whether the light novel and manga markets are so heavily saturated with isekai that there's nothing else to turn into anime any more, or whether the publishers are seeing the trend is peaking so they're trying to milk their existing properties while they can.

Other than Ascendance of a Bookworm (which, whoops, is a light novel, not visual novel; my bad), they're all pretty cheap (and Bookworm might end up disappointing too). Kemono Michi and Shinchou Yuusha are genre parodies for which there's not a lot going on beyond the premise. Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai I tried reading and my eyes fell off the page, the main characters are too smug and their adventures too pat to enjoy. Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de is one I don't recognize, but "isekai involving cute girls so OP they could kill God but they're too cute so it's basically about being cute" is its own sub-genre, I could name you a couple other LN/manga series that could swap in for it without anyone noticing. Yeah, I'll probably watch an episode or two of all of these with expectations set low, I need more shows in my hatewatch queue anyway.

Not an isekai, I think: There's not much about the description of No Guns Life that grabs me but the trailer is sufficiently surreal that I might check it out.
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needled, now that I have asked somebody who I trust: I have been told at least that the Sinners of the System stories are side-stories and almost certainly not necessary before s3. Still intending to see them, but probably not going to rush it, since I've now finished s2 but still need to catch the movie and all my backlog.

I'm a little sad to hear that Bookworm isn't looking as deep as it could be, but honestly, I'm usually here for the cute girl shows as long as they aren't just "cute girls get ogled by a dude character". I intended to be hate-watching both Are You Lost and How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift last season as ironic comic relief after heavier stuff, and wound up genuinely attached to both of them, sob.
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Chihayafuru Season 3! [flailing arms gif]
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Fall 2019 anime per streaming service - I suspect this is U.S.-centric.
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Wait, what's this about LGH being shown as episodes? Where do I find that, exactly? I rather enjoyed S1.
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The plan for LoGH S2 was to release three movies, each with 4 episodes of content. The first movie came out on Sep. 27 and Crunchyroll has decided to show it split into one episode per week, and will do so for the subsequent movies coming out in October and November. So Crunchyroll has 2 episodes of S2 so far.

The last chapter of vol. 1 of the novel is the material covered in S2 Ep1. The argument could be made that this should have been the last episode of S1, but I can also see reasons for putting it in the beginning of S2, mainly that the chapter material connects vols 1 and 2. If S2 were to start with the actual start of vol 2 of the novels, S2 material would feel too disconnected coming after the S1 and S2 gap.

I re-watched S1 episode 5 and it felt depressing in light of the past couple of years of U.S. politics. I also watched the extended trailer for S2 and just the brief stadium scenes were a gut punch, alluding to Chile's Estadio Nacional being used as a prison camp by Pinochet's forces after the 1973 military coup.

I expect this season will be painful to watch as we watch the Free Planet Alliance be the worst democracy it can be, as it's being taken over by self-serving populists and religious demagogues in addition to Reinhard's ambitions on the Galactic Empire side.
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Ascendance of a Bookworm (which, whoops, is a light novel, not visual novel; my bad)
This explains why the first episode felt like it would work much better as prose.

Anyway yeah, nothing much worthwhile this season. It happens. At least Afterschool Dice Club is fun when you pause it to search the background for board games you recognize.
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As somebody with a library school degree who's also taught library school students, the first episode of Ascendance of a Bookworm made me cringe repeatedly. What the protagonist exhibits is book fetishism. She loves books themselves, not what books can do. She is the type of library school applicant who would be steered towards a book production or publishing program. For somebody who professes a deep love of books, she seemed to recall very little of the content of the books, such as history books, at least in the first episode.

I'll try to give this 3 episodes, but if I can't stop cringing I may have to go watch Library Wars instead for a bit.
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Okay, everybody who hasn't done so yet, got and watch Hoshiai no Sora/Stars Align, which so far is the best animated series of the season. I went in blind not knowing anything about it and it blew me away.
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Stars Align is worth a little checking first if you're the sort of person who has some things you need content warnings for, which I say only because it does not look like the sort of show where that would be an issue, but I won't go into detail. It was stunning, though, and I can't wait for the rest of the system.

On a way, way happier note: Outburst Dreamer Boys is about a hundred times better than I actually expected it to be. Two eps in and I am so far past ironically liking it already to just thinking it is genuinely charming. And they got Akira Ishida to play a parakeet, apparently, which killed me.
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Stars Align is superbly executed, but agree with Sequence's comment, it can get unexpectedly heavy.

My fluffy anime to watch while eating dinner this season is After School Dice Club. So far it's cute without being icky, and no heavy feels involved, so will not impact appetite or digestion :)

Stars Align definitely does not fall in above category.
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Anime Feminist's quick takes on the first one-or-two episodes of the season's shows, with links to longer reviews of each.

Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life? might be the most bizarre. I checked the manga adaptation of the LN and there are no predatory lesbian pedophiles there. (There are over 100 chapters in the LN, I'm not taking the time to skim it). The LN's author (FUNA) specializes in isekai feminist power fantasy stories -- at least the self-determination and achievement aspects of power fantasy, leaving the harem and fanservice out. I picture FUNA throwing her computer at the wall on seeing how the anime goes.

"Bookworm" is another series that continues to vex. In the LN and manga, the heroine faces crippling chronic disease, exploitation (intellectual and financial, not sexual) by merchants, and being forced to choose between an early death and slavery in exchange for medicine, all set in a medieval city where starvation and death by exposure in winter are very real risks. And the anime's a comparatively cute, low-stakes romp through a colorful and quaint disneyesque cityscape. The producers didn't want to let problems be taken seriously if a woman is involved.

Most isekai is trashy, the better ones are trashy in the same way that cheap SF and paperback romances are trashy -- meaning they don't necessarily demean the reader, they just don't really elevate the reader either. And it's not like the source material for these two anime are awesome: The main character's dilemma in "Make Me Average" is trying to avoid being too successful rather than trying to succeed at all, which is not really that relatable a problem for us. But it's doubly frustrating to see a couple of relatively progressive feminist-leaning stories dropped on studios that shit things up immediately. FFS, "Make Me Average" starts when the MC is something like eight years old, adding sexy-sex should be beyond the pale even by the pretty loose standards of anime series.
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Well, whatever faults the season may have, at least there's no new undisguised child porn involving naked boys diving into anuses.

The anime industry tends to jump on trends--remember how it was all about being nice to hikkomori? And the ones about a "completely average high school student" turning out to be The Chosen One in an urban supernatural setting? Does anyone remember any of those series?

That said, the Isekai ones are such slight wish fulfillment in not looking guitars to any of them. Except I have enjoyed the satirical "I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags", so I'll catch a few episodes at least when that shows up.
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