Emergence: Camera Wheelbarrow Tiger Pillow
October 2, 2019 4:17 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

As Jo continues to search for answers, a mysterious man's appearance in town may cause problems for the family. Piper tries to understand her new abilities while connecting with the family.
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I liked the magnetic-car fight. But I’m still iffy on the whether this is a sustainable premise.
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This show is so scary. I really cannot handle anything the least bit frightening, but I muscled my way through this episode because the acting is so dang good, particularly Allison Tolan and Donald Faison's lived-in chemistry. I 100% buy them as an ex-couple with a long history. I appreciate how well everyone in the family gets along, and how Jo is competent and human all at once. It's exceptionally rare for a female character to seem so...normal?

Why didn't the bad guy take Piper when he found her? Why was the value in the tracker/communication device she removed, and not in Piper herself? It seems like if Piper is the creation of some kind of experiment they would want her back. It did give that actor the chance to do the most terrifying shh motion I have EVER seen (I'm a softie).

I'm assuming there is zero confusion on Piper's part on who she is and what's going on. I don't know how long the show can stretch out a mystery when one of the main characters could just open their mouth and explain.
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I assumed he ran because he didn't want to get caught up in whatever would happen if she got really scared. That didn't work out well for the people in the plane or the truck.
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I love this show for a lot of reasons. First of all, it reminds me of "Manifest," except whereas the latter is ham-fisted to the point of near unwatchability, "Emergence" has a nice, light touch (as noted in a review of the pilot).Alison Tolman is characteristically wonderful, and I think having a police chief as a lead is a great choice, because (1) women in powerful positions is a good look, and (2) it eliminates the common narrative drag of a protagonist having conflicts with or having go behind the back of a stereotypical police chief.
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Funny, I had been thinking about Emergence vs Manifest the other day -- that as much as some of us had rolled our eyes at Manifest for hewing to the case-of-the-week procedural format, I'm finding Emergence's lack of a B-plot makes it feel like nothing's happening.

But according to a co-worker who saw an early screening of this week's episode at NY Comicon, we're going to get some big reveals in it, so, I may have changed my mind by the next thread.
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