Steven Universe: Watermelon Steven
November 21, 2014 12:40 PM - Season 1, Episode 34 - Subscribe

Steven grows a patch of Steven-shaped watermelons.
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More of that slow reveal of Steven's gem powers: healing spit + plant-ability. I also can't help but wonder if we'll see the watermelon Stevens again, considering they just sorta swam off.

The episode was plenty funny with occasional slight turns towards horror (though not as creepy as frybo). I love that Ronaldo Fryman has become a more frequent fixture on the show lately too.

It was nice seeing Sadie out and about in a "pretty dress" (my daughter's words).
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It was just about the most Steven thing ever to first sell the watermelons, then run around trying to buy them back.

I found it interesting how much the other Gems didn't seem to care that a horde of Steven-plant-monsters might be invading Beach City. They're more ambivalent than benevolent aren't they? I wonder, were they stranded or banished?
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The Gems are awesome enough (especially Pearl -- she's easily the star of the three) that I want to forgive them for their occasional lapses in responsibility. After all, they're only projected-constructs-made-by-mineral-consciousnesses-created-in-order-to-pass-for-human.
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oh baby melon... NEVAR FORGET!!
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There is an episode coming up, Super Watermelon Island, that may cover whatever happened to all those watermelon Stevens....
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Nice gag that in the previous episode Garnet said [Steven's] tiny hands were her only weakness and here we see her (briefly) overwhelmed by them. Amethyst in probably performative yet seemingly realistic peril of being "put in the ground" felt quite strong by the show's standards I thought, although the lovely flowers and her appreciation of them were perfect.

Somehow Ronaldo's character design always puts me in mind of This Guy from Penny Arcade.

I wonder if the fact it was Greg who crowned Steven is relevant to the watermelons coming to life? I could imagine a combination of some latent/catalysing quality of his combined with Rose Quartz's powers (in Steven) being important.
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