Steven Universe: Garnet's Universe
November 14, 2014 10:01 AM - Season 1, Episode 33 - Subscribe

Steven makes up a story about how Garnet spent her day, in the style of classic videogames and shonen anime.
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I love the video game sensibility. This was a very sweet episode. I was hoping for some serious mythology-building after the last two fluffy episodes, but I have no complaints about this.
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I also loved the video game references in this one. It was a ton of fun. The animation definitely was excellent, but a nice departure from the typical style of the show.

Is this the first Garnet episode?
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Arcade Mania is the closest we've gotten up to now, with the third eye and all.
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This was very interesting to me, because it shows how much of a little boy Steven really still is. Also that for all her taciturn stoicism, Garnet does have tender feelings towards Steven just as Amethyst and Pearl do.

Eventually the other Gems are going to have to disabuse him of some of his notions about what it means to be a Gem.
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Tonight's episode, No Home Boys, may be the beginning of that process.
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Ack, the title of that episode is actually "On The Road." Goddammit unusually interesting fictional YA book series!
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And now I notice that it's actually On The Run. The title of the freaking song in the episode. *sigh*
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I thought it was interesting that Ringo was basically Ronaldo.
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I've noticed that a lot of times, when Steven imagines something, it turns out to have some weird truth to it. Like, Cookie Cat could be seen as a metaphor for the gems (backed up in Future Vision), and Garnet's Universe, fans have pointed out, could be seen as containing a significant piece of foreshadowing for the season ender. Then there's the question of how Steven knew enough to bring along those surprisingly helpful items in Cheeseburger Backpack. Which brings me to wonder, how much of this is Rose's knowledge leaking out through Steven's subconscious?
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Cookie Cat could be seen as a metaphor for the gems

::jaw drop:: Okay, why did I not see that before? I think I need to rewatch everything.
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