The Flash: A Flash of the Lightning
October 15, 2019 6:16 PM - Season 6, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Faced with the news of his impending death, Barry's resiliency suffers as he struggles to fight fate. Meanwhile, Cecile's career as a D.A. conflicts with her identity when she crosses paths with a villainous meta-human.
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I was kinda meh about this episode. Part of that may have been related to frustration about streaming issues using the CW app on my AppleTV (after every commercial break, the stream would stop with a "nul" error, and then I'd have a bugger of a time finding my place after re-opening the app). Part of that was definitely horror over Mom!Earth3's hair.

I know Jesse Martin hurt his back last season, but is anyone else still hearing slurring in his voice? Like, to the point that I've been concerned that his 'back injury' was actually a minor stroke.

I am enjoying the humanization of Killer Frost, and Cisco and Kamilla are really cute together.
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I haven't noticed any change to Jesse L. Martin's voice. It's good to see Joe West in action and giving Barry a dad cop pep talk again!

The CW iPhone app totally flaked for me on this episode. Most of the way through the first segment it went to a commercial break then jumped to near the end of the second segment. It was very confusing. The CW website was even worse with Arrow. Several minutes into the episode it switched over to the beginning of last year's finale.
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Yeah, I noticed some mild slurring while he was talking to Cecile. Nothing major and otherwise I felt he gave a decent performance.

Other than that, so far this season has been fine. I like how the new show runner is determined to avoid the cliches of the past. Let’s hope it holds up.
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I enjoyed the Barry's not-mom thing, I thought it was sweet and nicely handled. And they let it have a nice beat where it seems like they took a moment of silent thought about "oh wow there really is a sort of meant to be together thing here" but didn't feel like they had to spell it out for us, which was a nice change of pace.

Interesting that in Barry's vision of the future - not even that far in the future - Cisco is geared up in full Vibe regalia. Is his de-powering going to be that brief?
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CW website has always had issues. I actually wasn't having any watching it on the laptop.

Part of that was definitely horror over Mom!Earth3's hair.

Hahahahaha, I was all "whodis?"

Cisco is geared up in full Vibe regalia. Is his de-powering going to be that brief?

I assumed it was a Vibe from another universe.

I actually thought this was pretty good, go figure.

Not really sure why Frost's art career is a plot point exactly, but whatever, I guess?
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