Treadstone: The Cicada Protocol
October 15, 2019 8:43 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The fight scenes were a little too bone-crunching for my comfort level, but, I am kind of intrigued to see where this is going. And it's nice to see Brian Smith (Will from Sense8) again.
posted by oh yeah! at 8:52 PM on October 15, 2019

Is that the concept behind Jason Bourne? They manchurian candidate him to be a action movie man and I guess they trigger him but he's like "nooo?"
posted by GoblinHoney at 8:17 AM on October 16, 2019

Have you not seen any of the Bourne movies, or was that more of a rhetorical question? In the original Bourne movie he starts as an amnesiac with action-movie-man abilities who has to figure out who he is/why people are trying to kill him, and there does turn out to have been a “nooo” moment crisis of conscience that triggered events, but he’s not a sleeper agent in the way that the present-day ‘cicadas’ in this episode are, though there was brainwashing involved in turning him into a super-soldier/assassin same as what was happening with the 1970s character in this episode.
posted by oh yeah! at 9:13 AM on October 16, 2019 [3 favorites]

I've seen random chunks of random movies from the franchise, but never got any plot other than him killing people. Not a big action fan except for some fantastic exceptions, too much bombastic violence and loud noises and I can't focus. Thank you for enlightening me, it was a real question!
posted by GoblinHoney at 9:21 AM on October 16, 2019

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