Prodigal Son: The Trip
October 22, 2019 10:39 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Bright takes an unexpected voyage while investigating a murder.

Bright's insomnia worsens. His mother gets back into philanthropy. Bright learns about love and discovers another clue to his own past.
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Bright, entering: "Good morning."
Mother's immediate reply: "Don't lie to your mother."

Mom is rapidly becoming my favorite part of the show.
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Wait, no, I am also getting to like GuyCop (I *really* need to read the cast list sometime). What started as the stereotypical tough-cop-from-the-streets, someone to look on and blink in amazement as Bright solved crime after crime, has almost immediately turned into a smart, sensitive (but he'd never admit it) guy played by an actor whose deadpan delivery almost hides his perfect timing.
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Bellamy Young is always awesome. I definitely would have tapped out by now if not for the cast. The writing of Bright still annoys me. He's essentially Will Graham, but far more naive.
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Every episode so far has some little interaction or aside that makes me literally laugh out loud. There are a lot of things I am not looking about the writing, but there are these small blips of sarcastic/absurd/dark humor genius.
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Prodigal Son ended up being probably my favorite new network show of this season. I didn't get around to posting for the finale when it aired because the Fanfare threads were pretty low-comment-count threads, but seeing that there's someone making their way through the episodes now, guess it merits one.
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I was very "meh" about the pilot... But I've been to really enjoy the characters and how they interact. And even while these threads don't have many comments, I enjoy getting to see how my experience was shared by others. :-)

I am especially invested in the episode-by-episode analysis of evidence that his sister is a serial killer!
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