Teens in the Universe (1975)
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Interstellar expedition equipped by "pioneers"(soviet scouts) travels to Alpha Kassiopea after receiving a distress signal and finds a planet run entirely to the ends of making its inhabitants happy. Unexpected difficulties, however, ensued.

This is the sequel to the movie Moscow - Cassiopeia.
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Moscow-Cassiopeia was mostly about the events leading to sending a group of teens into space, while Teens in the Universe is about the mission itself and its difficulties.

Hard to even put into words how odd this one is, at turns goofy, serious, trippy, all with a solid helping of WTF involved in the best kind of way. There's a hint of critique in it all, with the US perhaps as its target, but it isn't an exceptionally strong element of the story, which is more, I guess, a Brave New World type warning than anything Orwellian. It plays out a bit like an odd Star Trek away mission, but with some decidedly un-Trekian twists involved.

(This movie, like Moscow-Cassiopeia, is available free and legally on youtube with English subtitles. You can find it here.)
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