Critical Role: UnDeadwood Part I: Stay Close, Reverend
October 24, 2019 5:29 PM - Season 2 (Specials) - Subscribe

Five strangers to both each other and the historic mining town of Deadwood are hired to investigate supernatural rumors by a local community pillar.

[Note for CR discussion regulars: this is an experiment with adding Critical Role adjacent content that isn't its own show on the channel - stuff like this and one shots, both the in-canon ones and ones that live completely on their own like Taliesin's recent Call of Cthulhu game.]
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So good, and so many good moments! I've never seen a minute of Deadwood, and I loved the hell out of this. Brian was quite good as the Game Marshall. I loved Travis's scaredy-cat priest, Marisha's prissy mysterious woman, Matt's stoic gunslinger for hire (that FACIAL HAIR! *swoon*) and the guests! I'm familiar with Khary from his Critical Role guest spot, and Anjali from her work on We're Alive: Frontier, GM'ed by none other than Ivan van Norman, who excels at creepy games.

I loved the funny moments, and suspect they'll be more important as things get spookier. A few favorite moments: the Rev's comments in response to Fogg, Fogg's... muffled response to Arabella, Miriam's flirtations.

I'm already sad it's only 4 parts, and hope the rest are longer!
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This was delightful and I look forward to another one on Friday! I don’t have much familiarity with the Deadlands system, but I’m curious what the characters will do with their temporary magic powers. All the detailed minis for the setting must take forever to paint, but I appreciate them! The bartender is also a nice touch.
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I think things will really shift tomorrow when we see the results of what happened at the very end.

The bartender is Ivan Van Norman, who helped Brian create and produce this. If you're enjoying the spooky elements, definitely check out We're Alive: Frontier, linked above. Back when there was still a Project Alpha, I was a subscriber and watched the whole thing. Geek and Sundry is now slowly releasing the episodes on YouTube.
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I loved this. Though I will admit that I'm biased as Western+Weird is exactly my thing (the best Adventure Zone arc is Dust. Don't @ me.)

I thought I wouldn't like the more edited/less OOC flow of the show, but it worked really well here because the characters themselves injected much needed levity. I feel it's the right approach for this slightly more 'focused' piece.

Will see how it evolves and carries on but as a start, this is my favourite non-mainline CR thing I've seen.
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I played Deadlands about fifteen years ago and had one aborted game of Savage Worlds, but other than being familiar with the setting and use of cards, I can't say I'm familiar with the system.

Travis's reverend is probably my favorite, and I loved his interactions with Anjali and Khary (the "I have three right here!" is probably the line of the night). Brian did a good job of keeping things moving, and I'm excited for more!

Also: Wow, that's some production value (I splurged and got a dog might gaming screen for my home game, they are seriously cool - though it looks like they don't have a version that Brian is using as a purchase option)
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Slimepuppy, I'm also loving the mostly in-character nature of this game. I'm a Matt fangirl, and getting to see him play instead of DM is a delight! He's got such a good sense of character.

(I will say that I loved Balance, and am not all the way through Amnesty, but was disappointed they didn't choose Dust to follow through on. I loved those characters and that world, and I feel like putting Travis in the DM chair gives him enough attention that he doesn't feel the need to steal focus like he does when he's a player.)

Dinty_Moore, those screens are GORGEOUS! Now I'm thinking about how to build one...
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Booksherpa - the basic answer is a lot of embedded magnets - the 'hinges' are metal rods that stick to magnets on the wood panel sides, then the rest of the DM's side is embedded magnets with ball bearings and magnet embedded customized accessories.
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