Supernatural: The Rupture
October 25, 2019 2:34 PM - Season 15, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Sam, Dean, and Rowena work tirelessly to keep all of hell from breaking loose. Castiel cannot forgive an arrogant betrayal.
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Does Dean seem, just wrong this season? I can’t put my finger on it - but he’s feeling extra suicidal mission/ pushing everyone away : heavy drinking angry than he has been in the last few. But maybe I am just forgetting the end of season 14 and Mary’s death is still hitting him?
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That's my guess. Plus, the whole "Our whole lives have just been God playing with us like action figures."

I feel like Ketch and Rowena's deaths would have hit me harder if they had happened later in the season. This felt too rushed, and actually ended up striking me funny -- like "Here, we'll bring back the fan favorites, but gee, we only have the budget to pay for an episode or two each, so..."
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Also, on a petty note -- my God, that pink dress on Rowena was hideous. Distractingly awful! I kept thinking that there's no WAY Rowena would willingly wear something that cheap-looking, in a color that clashed so horribly with her hair.
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I don't think we've necessarily seen the last of Ketch or Rowena. I wouldn't be surprised if all the souls get dumped out of heaven at some point, so we may at least see them as ghosts. But resurrection is always a possibility too. If it happened to Mary, it could happen to anyone. Including Mary again. I also wonder if it's possible Rowena could end up using the power of all those souls to become godlike and heal herself instead of dying.
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I was never that attached to either of them. I was kind of impressed by Rowena in this one, though. Huh. Go figure, since I always found her irritating.
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ahh I just posted trivia for the wrong episode. Correct one incoming for this one.
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- Sharon Taylor, who played Ardat, previously played Crossroads Demon in 6.04 Weekend At Bobby's. (perhaps that Crossroads Demon got a promotion?)
- Ardat using Ketch's cell phone to trick Dean is similar to what Ketch himself did in 12.18 The Memory Remains after killing Mick Davies.
- Rowena's sacrifice is similar to both Sam's in 5.22 Swan Song and Crowley's in 12.23 All Along the Watchtower. Her last words, "Goodbye, boys," mirrors Crowley's own "Bye, boys."
- As of this episode, the MacLeod Family is extinct.
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I think Dean's anger is justified, and it's a difficult situation because you understand all the perspectives, but I can't see a resolution other than everyone just getting over it.

I was surprised that both Ketch and Rowena died, in the same episode where they were about to first knock boots. I was sad but not teary for Rowena, mostly because I never ever believe she's dead for real. But all the indication on social media is that she's gone for good.

I suspect we'll see everyone in a final farewell at the end of the series, as ghosts or spirits or just memories.

Rowena was a despicable villain at first, and then she grew on me when she became more nuanced, and then I grew to like her when she was actually helpful. Even immortal witches can change I suppose.
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I was surprised they killed off Belphagor so abruptly, mere moments after he announced his betrayal. He didn't exactly have the makings of a full Big Bad, he didn't seem evil enough. (He repeatedly told Cas "I think you should go now" and knocked him over, but he didn't kill him or anything.) But now we'll never know what his plans were. Odd choice. I felt like the conflict between Dean and Castiel was a little contrived and familiar, but with a show this old you have to accept that some plots get stretched or repeated.

This episode almost felt more like a season finale, with all those deaths and the plot seemingly reaching a kind of endpoint. The next episode seems to be a standalone, and then I guess they'll start a new arc.

I actually liked Rowena's pink dress. It did stand out as an unusual choice for her, but I assumed it was because they wanted her to read as unambiguously good for this episode.

It must be funny to rewatch the old episodes where Rowena and Ketch are bad. They've come so far from that, and it'd be weird to watch them creeping around and killing people.

Jared Padelecki got busted the other day for drunkenly punching a couple of people at a club, then when the cops came to arrest him he apparently tried to flash some cash. Here's hoping it was just one random, drunken night of awfulness and not that he's a secret asshole. He's always been nice to the fans and seemed like a decent fellow.
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