BoJack Horseman: The Final Season
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The sixth and final season of the show.
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I'm loving it so far. i think they do a fantastic job of juggling as many storylines as they can fit into an episode and it ends up really enjoyable to watch. emotionally, also, i rewatched season 5 last week to refresh my memory and make sure i remembered what a horrible person bojack is when he starts recovery. it was still really satisfying to see him learning and healing and struggling and helping and letting himself be helped, just as it was gratifying that his victims are still out there experiencing the repercussions and ripples of his actions.

also, the whitewhale stuff was right on the line of real enough to infuriate me and funny enough to keep me watching, especially the moment it clicked what extended reference they were setting up for when they introduced isabel. just absolutely loves it
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This show is still great, but it is weird that they split it up into two half seasons.
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This is pretty incredible writing, and it sucks me into a well of depression, but it made me come back episode after episode.

Not too bent out about splitting the season; Netflix bingeables also might not last as long in public discussion - not surprised if this was a test of scheduling/ engagement strategies.

We'll see if there's a "Part II" post, or a resurgence of comments here after the last half drops.
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I binged like what 6 episodes last night? I am now trying to pace myself with the remaining few of "part 1." I can't wait to see what people have to say.
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“Narcissus? I thought the painting was about me.”

There’s deep pathos, and humor in BoJack, but I think that’s the one line in the series that caused me to laugh out loud.
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That cliffhanger..
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The first half of that second episode was too real, to the point that when Princess Carolyn finally got a block of uninterrupted sleep I was yelling OH BULLSHIT DON'T YOU COP OUT ON ME at a television show
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I am so glad the show is ending, because I feel like it’s the only reason we are getting real giant overdue consequences for Bojack. The Sarah Lynne season just never sat well with me. It was played too much as a fridging all about the affect it had on Bojack.

And I was delighted that Diane gained weight on the antidepressants. I hope she chooses being chubby over depression and societal stigma. The fact that she’s chubby in the next opening sequence gives me hope.
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At first I was surprised that these 8 episodes didn't crush my soul like Bojack usually does

And then the various dropped threads of all the horrible things Bojack's done started getting picked up... The second half is going to be a hell of a ride. Christ.

Also, Judah's back! Hooray!
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is there anything more harrowing and nerve wracking than clicking play on the last episode in a season of bojack horseman
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It's probably because I just read the Ronan Farrow book, which (um, spoiler for things that happened in real life) included the almost unbelievable story that a woman who befriended Rose McGowan was a literal foreign spy working for Harvey Weinstein, but the whole thing with the guy befriending Hollyhock just felt way too coincidental. It may just be lazy writing, but with others investigating Sarah Lynn's death, I found myself wondering if he was working for someone writing a tell-all about BoJack. (I'm sure he actually he is one of the kids from that episode, but that doesn't mean he wasn't put up to meeting Hollyhock.)

I enjoyed the episodes, but it felt like the story stuff was highly concentrated at the beginning and end. I wonder if maybe they got an expanded season order after it was all scripted, and then went back and padded it out to make it fit. I was getting a little concerned that the show was feeling aimless for a minute there.
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I watched the entire season in a day, then went back to rewatch random past episodes here and there - so much still holds up, and there's definitely quite a few more threads getting picked up in this final season that I hadn't realized were there to begin with already. The name "Ruthie," for example. Oof.

The moment Kristin Chenoweth said that being a mom is "ruthless," I was like, she's gonna name her OH SHIIIIIIIIIIT WHAT A FUCKING CALLBACK
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I can't figure out what episode it's in but the joke when Doctor Champ meets Mister Peanutbutter made me laugh for like 5 minutes straight.
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