Critical Role: UnDeadwood Part II: God Don't Play Cards [miniseries]
October 27, 2019 7:43 PM - Season 2 (Specials) - Subscribe

After being bestowed with mysterious power and a sense of coming dread, our wary clan finds some of Deadwood's residents might not be as frightened as they seem.
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Matt's sense of storytelling, even in improv within an RPG, always amazes me. Doubly so in this case, since he's a player and not the GM. I love that he's choosing not to use the power he's been granted, so that when he does, it's not just a game play choice, but also a character choice. The use/non-use of the power has made factions within the party even as they continue to work together - look at the new trust between Clayton and Miriam.

The character work continues to impress. I want to see Anjali and Khary in more stuff, and I'd especially love it if Anjali got to guest on CR.

I also find the red herrings interesting - the madam at the Bella Union was an addict, not a supernatural creature. This whole town is chock full of mystery, as are the characters.
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Just wanted to say thanks for posting these; I've been vaguely aware of Critical Role, but UnDeadwood encouraged me to actually listen and over the last couple of days I've listened to E1 of this (Totally up my alley!) the Call of Cthulhu (Not quite up my alley), the Vox Machina Campaign 1 Quests for Grog & Bob (Very fun!) and am now starting Vox Machina from the beginning.

For folks like me who are slightly obtuse and want to start from the beginning, the original RSS feed via Geek & Sundry has the entirety of Campaign 1 and current Mighty Nein Campaign 2 up to Episode 51.
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Anjali and Khary are such a charming tag team.
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You know, part of me hopes that the Reverend really is just a Reverend.

I really like the use of 'going to a bartender' to get a clue as a gameplay mechanic - it's always fun to figure out this stuff on your own, but not always the most exciting to watch, and this is a limited series.

Anjali is great with everyone and I want to see her in more things.
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