BoJack Horseman: The New Client
October 29, 2019 10:29 AM - Season 6, Episode 2 - Subscribe

When her nanny quits, Princess Carolyn struggles to balance the demands of work and parenting. Mr. Peanutbutter visits BoJack in rehab. "Have fun failing upwards!" "I always do!"
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I'm watching the series a bit more slowly, and I have so. many. thoughts.

While it makes me sad for Princess Carolyn to see all her endless struggling, while Todd continues to fall upward, he's just so pleasant in his incompetence! And helpful at times! He's the un-Bojack -- riding waves of privilege, but not kicking people on his way up (or forward, or down).

But really, I wanted to share my love of baby giggles. After (or more realistically, between) dealing with crying and screaming, baby giggles and baby cuddles are the best things in the world. Seeing Princess Caroline say silly things and cuddle up with a giggling Unnamed Princess Caroline Project made me really happy, and maybe a bit teary-eyed.
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Princess Carolyn is my favorite character on this show and she deserves all the happiness, the end
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I already have a Netflix show starring Alison Brie and featuring a character named Ruth, thank you very much.
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You KNOW that Diane got the idea for “Lucretia” from the Adventure Zone
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I thought this episode was legit beautiful art.
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