Arrow: Leap of Faith
October 29, 2019 7:19 PM - Season 8, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Ha! I did not expect that twist at all, and it makes me look forward to next week's episode. Such a contrast with how bored I am with The Flash. I mean, I shouldn't be so quick to forget what an awful slog Arrow has been in the past few seasons, it's only now that they've got the series finale in sight that they're back to top form, but, still.
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I must say I was expecting this during the Crisis or immediately before. With six episodes left I am hoping that this leads us to some interesting twists of fate and time.
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This was directed by Katie Cassidy Rodgers.

I was wondering when the time collapse would start to happen. That's going to lead to some awkward conversations next week.

I love how Oliver matter of factly explained the Monitor to Thea and how she takes the news like it's a normal sibling conversation.
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i mean, after some aliens and time traveling, it takes a lot to shock these heroes.

I was just complaining after the last episode that I am just so bored of the future stuff, and I'm not looking forward to the spinoff in the works with those characters, but that ending really gives me hope. Maybe having the kids play off their parents will make me care about them more.
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Seeing Thea was very nice. She's ending well.

I enjoyed the twist ending, that is pleasing me. Outta nowhere to combine all of them together, but it pleased me. Especially William's face.
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My experience with later season Arrow is so strange.. I watched the show when it was beefcake Batman, a low rent soap opera / crime fighting show. All this high comic book drama and extended mythology from Flash, etc is lost on me.

So I appreciate that this last season is sort of a grand tour of Arrow and his past adventures, allies, villains. Nice to bring Thea back. The actress is amazing, it's like she never left. Sorry it was seemingly only for the one episode.
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