The Flash: There Will Be Blood
October 29, 2019 7:04 PM - Season 6, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Barry's efforts to prepare Cisco for Crisis are derailed when Cisco schemes to save Barry's life instead. Meanwhile, Ramsey Rosso uses his deadly new abilities to save his own life, while sacrificing his humanity in the process.
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Ugh, I don't get the positive reviews for this episode. Every scene that's supposed to wring emotion from me over Barry's impending death just leaves me utterly unmoved, because unless/until the CW announces that The Flash ends this season or that Grant Gustin is leaving the show, I'm assuming he will somehow survive Crisis, so all of these angsty scenes just leave me bored.
posted by oh yeah! at 7:10 PM on October 29, 2019

Or Keiynan Lonsdale is coming back to do the Wally West Flash, or the writers have something good planned. I get the pathos of the characters and the blah for the audience given the meta-knowledge so the game becomes seeing if the writers have some kind of payoff or at least an interesting failure ahead for us. I ain't holding my breath but I can hope for something fun.
posted by Ignorantsavage at 2:00 AM on October 31, 2019

It was okay, I guess.

I like Sendhil as an actor but man, this character eats scenery.
posted by jenfullmoon at 7:21 AM on October 31, 2019

I'm getting the feeling that he might actually die, and then come back next season. This episode was alright; I think Joe's scene was really good, even though it might be moot in the long run. But many emotional scenes in these shows actually doesn't have a huge effect on the story in the long run.
posted by numaner at 11:20 AM on November 1, 2019

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