Brooklyn Nine-Nine: USPIS   Rewatch 
November 23, 2014 7:38 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

When Diaz's task force uncovers evidence of a postal service connection to Giggle Pig distribution, Peralta and Boyle must seek the aid of: JACK DANGER*, AGENT OF USPIS (guest star Ed Helms). Meanwhile, Santiago tries to quit smoking cold turkey, with advice from the rest of the Nine-Nine. *(pron. "donger")

BONUS STUFF: B99's Terry Crews talks about developing better models of manhood, overcoming addiction, and other topics in an interview with Toronto's The Morning Show. Crews was the keynote speaker at this weekend's White Ribbon Conference, a gathering of men "working to end violence against women and girls, [and to] promote gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity."
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A virtually perfect episode. Peralta gets to bounce off a similarly ridiculous (and good) character for once, Boyle gets some beautiful little second-banana scenes without a stupid "Who does he like better?!?" subplot, and the B-plot is compelling and ridiculous in equal measure.

I can't help but think that the ice-dunk thing is honestly something that the writers just saw Terry Crews doing because it's just a thing he does after lunch or whatever.
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I wouldn't mind seeing the screaming ice-water selfie become a new social media thing (a welcome replacement for the "ice bucket challenge", perhaps), largely based on how funny Crews and Fumero looked doing it. If they hadn't done that frankly badass (pron. "buh-dass") drug bust coda over the credits, it would have been fun to get the entire cast doing their best ice-water scream.
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Loved Captain Holt cheering on his horse.
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Loved Captain Holt's jogging shorts.
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And Young Holt with hair and mustache.
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"Imagine a letter and a telephone had unprotected sex."
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Muffs! With bleubs!

So prefectly awful!
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I'm so glad Rosa is getting more airtime this season. Her super-taciturn dickishness is the perfect foil for everyone else's totally over the top style of humor.
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I think USPIS should make a return in the next seasons, we all own Jack Danger an apology.
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