Garo: Honoo no Kokuin: Full Monty
November 23, 2014 4:39 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Germán rescues a woman from some thugs, and ends up losing his clothes, money, and fighting a Horror, in addition to being pursued by guards. Ema informs Germán of León's defeat at the hands of the Black Knight. They discuss the possibility that León may not be worthy of the Garo armor. León runs into his naked father upon his return to town and throws a bag of money at Germán's face.
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Still no sign of Germán's madogu.

Garo the Animation has been confirmed for a second season as well as an animated movie. The new Garo projects announced indicate that the Garo franchise will support series taking place in three time periods: medieval era past of Garo the Animation, approximately present time of Makai no Hana, and unspecified future of time of Garo: Yami o Terasu Mono.
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Good to hear how they will be producing another season. Now I know what German had been up to since his son's disappearance in the previous episode. It could be just me but I'm not sure what they meant about being worthy of the Golden Knight's armor? I'm sure Leon doesn't really have much of a say even if he could choose to not become a Makai Knight.

I liked the short flashback to his parent's memory and interactions with the Black Knight before he turned evil. Did he turn evil because it was his last resort after being mortally wounded or was it fate?
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The possibility has already been raised that Alfonso also has a claim to the Garo armor - at this point, he'd be more worthy of the armor if he can acquire the Makai Knight combat skills that Makai Knights start training for as children. Currently León has the physical but not the mental aptitude to be Garo, while Alfonso has the mental aptitude but not the physical ability. Based on what I've seen of the Garo universe, León should not have gotten the Garo armor at his age or skill level, and I think the reactions of the Garo anime characters who encounter him in combat confirm this. I wonder if giving him the armor was some kind of emergency measure to help keep León alive.

A Makai Knight with powerful armor who goes bad is a serious threat. This is the one instance where Makai Knights are allowed to fight and kill another Makai Knight. León does seem to be at risk of following Bernardo the Black Knight's path. So both Ema and Germán are in the position of trying to decide when León should have the Garo armor taken away from him, as he's a ticking time bomb in his current state. I don't know if taking away the armor is even possible without the current armor wearer dying. Although now that I think of it, in the Garo live action series there is one instance of a Makai Knight voluntarily relinquishing his armor while still alive to pass it on to somebody else. But would León be willing to voluntarily relinquish the Garo armor, especially to somebody like Alfonso?

I think it would be a nice affirmation of León and Germán's father-son bond if León were to relinquish the Garo armor and instead choose to inherit Germán's Zoro armor. (But then who gets Rafael's armor?)
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