Silicon Valley: Artificial Lack of Intelligence
November 6, 2019 7:41 AM - Season 6, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Season Six Premiere. Richard discovers his promise to keep Pied Piper free from collecting user data is under threat. Jared finds himself missing his role as Richard's go-to guy and revisits the hacker hostel. Gilfoyle devises a creative way to deal with Dinesh's complaining.
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I hope they'll be able to pull something fresh out this season, but this one didn't particularly grab me.
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I did not like Richard or Gilfoyle in this one and I felt bad for Jared and Dinesh. I did think it made for good TV and I'm glad they made some big changes to keep it interesting. I'm curious to see how the company and Richard change now that it's actually much bigger. They've had the money and growth in the past but not like this.

Helen Hong is awesome and was great in this. That was fun to see. I hope she's not just a bit part and is around for the rest of the season.

Gavin fighting so hard to keep the Hooli name reminded me of a much earlier episode where Richard said "I came up with the name Pied Piper!!!" to blank stares.
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I thought the awkwardness of Richard's appearance in front of congress (based heavily on Mark Zuckerberg's Cambridge Analytica performance) was an outstanding piece of comic acting.
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Seems like they are writing Jared off into the sunset and that makes me sad.
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