Joe Pera Talks with You: Season One
November 9, 2019 3:56 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

You have no idea how many times I listened to “Baba O’Riley” after that one episode
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This is like a corner of Twin Peaks where bad things don't happen.
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My wife finds this show incredibly comforting, because she’s from Michigan (though not the UP) and swears she’s met a number of folks just like this, even though the actual Joe Pera isn’t from there. I found it to be one of the quietly funniest shows I’ve ever seen. One of my very favorite gags, which I cannot even begin to explain, is when they’re talking about the pretzel companies of central Pennsylvania in the one one-off, and they fade out the map and one of the names stays onscreen just a beat longer. I don’t understand why even a little, but that positively SLEW me.
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There is so much great comedy packed into such a short period of time, but what I just absolutely love about this show is that Joe Pera is so comically nice and sincere without being a humiliating punchline. I think of characters like Jerry from Parks and Recs when I look for similar humble dispositions. American sitcoms have deeply conditioned us to poke fun of the Joe Peras on tv, and it is refreshing to not see that trope used for once. Can't wait to see what happens to Joe in Season 2.
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Are there rats in Alberta? Wikipedia can’t decide.

gosh I love this show
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The show's on HBO Max now!
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