The Good Place: The Podcast: Ch. 46: Manny Jacinto | Dave King, Writer | Amanda Boisselle
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The Good Place: The Podcast's host Marc Evan Jackson sits down with Manny Jacinto (Jason/Jianyu), writer Dave King and production assistant Amanda Boisselle to shoot the shirt about Season 4, Episode 7, "Help Is Other People." Amanda dishes on Ted Danson and the rest of the cast's hilarious snack routine, the arduous process of becoming an assistant director and the real magic performed on set. Dave reveals how Season 4 was broken in the writers' room and the joy of watching Manny perform as Jason. Manny talks about Ted Danson's dedication to learning the magic tricks in the episode and the joy of playing loveable dumb-dumb Jason Mendoza.
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One insight from the podcast isn’t that Brent isn’t the only one who hasn’t changed over the past year - Simone is still treating all of this like an experiment.
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They didn’t need to but they really sold me on an apples/peanut butter platter.
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