Prodigal Son: A Friend of the Family
November 12, 2019 10:27 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Bright talks to a friend of his father's about the girl in the station wagon.

Jessica seems more than a bit rattled after the call in the basement. Ainsley continues pursuing her story and gets dumped.
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I'm wondering if the 'solitary confinement' development is a way to write Michael Sheen out of the show entirely? Like, I was surprised that he'd signed on to do a US network drama that could potentially limit him to hiatus-only other projects for years. But maybe he signed on for a limited run only, with this trap door built in, so he could establish the character and everyone's relationships, then disappear. It wouldn't surprise me if the FBI taking over the case means he'll be moved to a different facility, and then he'll escape or get broken out by 'Paul' or some other former sociopath buddies, and only reappear during sweeps week or finales.
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That would be a problematic development as watching Sheen chew the scenery is roughly 92% of the reasons to watch the show.
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I agree with oh yeah. With the Surgeon in solitary, Michael Sheen can spend a week or two filming bottle scenes where he's talking to himself, which the show can then scatter like birdseed through the rest of the season, while he takes off for the UK and an actual film career.

They did something similar on Hawaii Five-O when Grace Park was pregnant.
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