Leverage (re)watch?
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There is no Leverage on fanfare. This is saddening. Would anybody be interested in a (re)watch of s1?

I've never done one of these before, but boy do I need some bad guys making the best good guys. All 5 seasons are available on IMDBTV, which you can apparently access via Amazon Prime, so I think most folks should be able see it.

1. Anybody interested?
2. What time frame would work for you? Assume 1 ep/week. My guess is that the holidays would be inconvenient for most folks.

I've never organized one of these before, so if I am missing some other aspect that needs attention, please let me know. :)
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Always up for some competence porn!
posted by rewil at 8:12 PM on November 20, 2019

I haven't tried any of the 'free with ads IMDBTV' Prime offerings yet, though love of Leverage might get me to power through them.
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FYI, I watched episode 1 off 'IMDBTV Prime' last night, and the ads were bearable -- a Natural Balance dog food ad and some car ad, the same ones played once or twice in each break, just mildly annoying but not heinously ear-wormy intrusive. So, I'd be up for it if there are posts.

Are you familiar with John Rogers' old - kungfumonkey blogspot? He used to do great Q&A posts for Leverage episodes, though he tapered off at the end and didn't do the last few episodes since he was busy on other projects, but if you go back to the beginning of the leverage-tagged entries you may find some interesting things to link to/quote in your posts.
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aww man it's been so long since I visited kunfumonkey! that's a great idea oh yeah!. I also found a mirror of the podcast they did, apparently for the last season, so if we ever make it to s5, I'll include those too. :)

So for now I'm thinking I'll post on Tuesdays. With thirteen episodes, that'll take us through mid-February. See y'all next Tuesday with the Nigerian Job!
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Yes yes yes yes yes count me in!
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I'm in!
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I petered out around season 4 I think. I would love to try watching this again. Sadly no prime and it disappeared off of Canadian Netflix a while ago.

I could look into DVDs? (bleh)
posted by ODiV at 12:59 PM on November 26, 2019

Oh, also. Is anyone interested in the Korean remake?
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I’m totally interested in the KR version!
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1+ for interested in the kdrama version... I'll do it when I can find a good, nonpiratey, accessible way for folks to watch.

I have the post for this episode written up, but hit a snag on having one of the mods add Leverage as a TV show. Hopefully we'll get that resolved quickly!
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it's up!
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Hey, so, are we going to stick with the broadcast viewing order for this re-watch, or should we try for the intended viewing order?

Per the Leverage wiki:
"Except for the first two and last two, all of the first season episodes were broadcast out of order. According to John Rogers and Amy Berg's best recollections and the order on the DVD (which are inconsistent with the commentary on the DVD and an earlier list compiled by Rogers at the time of broadcast) the intended broadcast order was:
1. The Nigerian Job (#101)
2. The Homecoming Job (#102)
3. The Wedding Job (#107)
4. The Snow Job (#109)
5. The Mile High Job (#108)
6. The Miracle Job (#104)
7. The Two-Horse Job (#103)
8. The Bank Shot Job (#105)
9. The Stork Job (#106)
10. The Juror #6 Job (#111)
11. The 12-Step Job (#110)
12. The First David Job (#112)
13. The Second David Job (#113)
On the DVD, Dean Devlin's comments indicate "The Miracle Job" was to have been shown before, not after, "The Mile High Job". Additionally, TNT originally planned to broadcast "The Juror #6 Job" and "The 12-Step Job" in their intended order, but a problem with clearances (unspecified) delayed the broadcast of "The 12-Step Job" for a week."

Character continuity in S1 is completely screwed up in the TNT-broadcast order, especially when it comes to Nate/Sophie, and in little things like FBI agents Taggert and McSweeten having their first appearance be in "The Bank Shot Job" instead of it being a funny call-back to "The Wedding Job"
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Thank you for explaining that The Two-Horse Job is too early in the continuity, it never made sense characterization-wise for Eliot.
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Yeah, and bumping The Wedding Job out so much later than the #3 spot it was meant for makes everybody look like they’re bickering for no good reason instead of just still being new to working as a team.
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Yes intended order -- I'll add a "next episode" line item to the posts and tagging future episodes as rewatch. It's on IMDBTV in TNT order, so please keep an eye on that part of the post. Or else you'll have to watch two episodes a week, which would be truly dreadful. :)
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That totally makes sense.
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I've finished posting the season, but it seems to be of dwindling interest. Do people want further posts?
posted by jeather at 5:52 AM on February 25, 2020

I still love Leverage, but have been very distracted. And then the Buzzfeed News on Hutton came out. So. Yeah.
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I watched along, but didn't really have anything to say, sorry. It was fun though, thanks! I might continue on on my own, but don't feel like you have to post anything.
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Maybe worth it's own thread (later?), but Deadline:
Dean Devlin, John Rogers and Chris Downey’s cult 2008 crime drama series Leverage is coming back with a new lead.
The reimagining will include new characters ... joined by original cast members Beth Riesgraf, reprising her character as “Parker”; Gina Bellman as “Sophie Devereaux”; and Christian Kane as “Eliot Spencer”– who will all be series regulars — as well as Aldis Hodge, who will return as “Alec Hardison” in a recurring role, subject to availability from his Showtime series City on a Hill, whose Season 2 will likely be filming at the same time as Leverage.
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Aldis Hodge, who will return as “Alec Hardison” in a recurring role, subject to availability from his Showtime series

I'll just presume that he's the one staying at home to parent most of the time.
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If we're lucky we can have Jeri Ryan instead of Hutton and all will be great.
posted by jeather at 9:52 AM on April 23, 2020

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