The Dragon Prince: The Dragon Prince Season 3
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"When we last left The Dragon Prince, young Ezran was headed back home to rule as king; Viren was locked up for treason (but not before releasing a handful of magic assassins with the help of the mysterious elf Aaravos); and Callum and Rayla had crossed over into the magical world of Xadia to return the dragon prince (Zym) to his mother and hopefully avoid a continent-spanning war in the process."
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Holy shit, season 1 was choppy and a bit slow, but fun. Season 3 is horrifying, sad, happy, amazing, truly epic. It felt like I was watching like the last Lord of the Rings movie, or something. There was ultimately such a sense of scale. And at the same time still a kid show. Weird.

And I guess four more seasons are planned? I really, really, really didn't expect this show to become this good. I'm really impressed.
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It reminded me a lot of Babylon 5; I kind of got the sense that they have no idea if Netflix is going to cancel them or not, so they just tried to cram as much as possible into this season. And they mostly pulled it off, too. I missed the quieter moments they had in the earlier seasons, but no time for that now.
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Maybe it'll calm down again now that they've supposedly got four more seasons to work with (if I skimmed the various rumor sites correctly).
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What region of England is the Skywing Elves accent based on?
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I want all the adoraburrs. All. Of. Them.
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This show is true to its Avatar:the Last Airbender roots. Great characters with a lot of chemistry between them, epic scale, weird detours that may or may not pay off later but are generally worthwhile in the moment anyway. I wish Netflix would make ten more animated series in this vein rather than doing a live-action retread of Avatar (which I assume will cost ten times as much).
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My bad: the voice actress for Nyx, the Skywing Elf, is Australian.
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"Thanks man, hay's the best!"
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A little disappointed to be revisiting "evil magic dad pits daughter and son against each other until son leaves to join other side," again. I hope the final result is different.

Did not see the orc-ification of the army coming, that and what the worm did to Virrin was some body-horror shit.

The tragic moonshadow elf boyfriends!

Aunt Amaya: still a sign-using badass

In general I like the story and characters and it has decent pacing but it just feels a little rough.
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it just feels a little rough

Completely guessing, but I think the whole thing was probably done on a budget? It's kinda indie? I may not understand how funding works at all.
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I haven't watched it yet. Because well...

I feel like one can sort of tell the patchwork sort of wokeness (wokeness in a good way, I guess). POC/LGBT/etc. but also intense character death (which is interesting and gives gravitas but sort of defies a particular genre).

But, then, aren't the accents a little appropriative and weird? In some ways it does feel like it nods to wokeness but doesn't really understand certain deep things. Not sure.

It's been great but almost every time a character spoke I cringed a little bit. Even though the accents are fun and colorful, too. So that's a thing.
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I haven't watched it yet. Because well...

(I'm still processing the abuse/gaslighting assertions.)
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WHAAA! Is this a kissing cartoon? Even Aunt Amaya got an elf girlfriend. Enjoyed the bit wher Amaya just pokes her new friend with the "we're holding hands now". Some of the accents seem a bit all over the place sometimes, but it's a big world and it would suck if there weren't different accents. I'd rather them throw in some known things that way than to try and make up their own accents from scratch. I doubt this is a production where there could be a full-time linguist crafting half a dozen new conlangs and getting voice actors to learn them well.

Still, sorta annoyed that goth-girl keeps tilting towards the dark side. I like her quirkiness.

And when am I going to be able to get a pair of those elfen switchblades? Those are pretty cool.
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We finished tonight! Some thoughts ...

I find it interesting that Soren and Claudia have ended up in opposite places from where it was implied they might go at the beginning. This may be due to Daaaark Maaaagic.

It was noted that the human army's main strength was their discipline and training. When they were orcified, they got more powerful, but they also lost one of their big advantages.

Apparently, what Amaya signed after Janai said "We are not friends. She is my prisoner." was along the lines of: "Janai thinks I'm cute but won't say it out loud yet."

So, Raela's parents have been turned into coins? And may therefore be not-dead?
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It's hard to say. The coins might just be the rest of the assassin squad.

I was a bit thrown out of the story by the meta boomerang joke in the middle of the desert.
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> "It's hard to say. The coins might just be the rest of the assassin squad."

But if they'd been coined, it would explain why her parents were assumed to have deserted, which otherwise goes unexplained. No bodies.
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And if the other assassins had been coined, then their flowers would half-sunk like Runaan's, but they're not.
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Two things that have amused me about this season, based on fan reactions

"The boy makes a terrible king, he made bad decisions!"

Which to me is obviously the point. The entire plot is the result of bad decisions made by absolute monarchs. I mean do you think Parliament would have approved a "Were going to kill a dragoon and steal an egg out of revenge?" scheme? Not without a lot of debate.

Secondly, I can't believe there are people still doing the "Black magic is just a tool" line. I mean, what is it going to take?

Fans: "Well it's not like she's sacrificing people."
Claudia: "Well, I guess I'll have to sacrifice these elves.
Fans:" At least she's not doing something really evil, like sacrificing babies."
Claudia: Time to sacrifice this elf baby."
Fans: "... Human babies. She's not sacrificing Human babies.
Claudia: "Here I am at the human nursery and cute animal shop..."
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Although I haven't made it through the whole season yet (just popping in quickly) I wanted to write here for posterity that I think the "Broken Link" badge has some interesting duality as a symbol - 'weakest link' vs. 'throwing off chains of oppression' - so I can be all like "called it" later when the show takes advantage. :p

I like that the first 'deserter' was the guy who Rayla spared way back in I believe the first episode... I can see why he wouldn't want to fight Xadia. The show might make this explicit in the next episode for all I know, but if it doesn't it's a great continuity nod.

And finally, I liked the callout to Callum's VA also playing Sokka with the little boomerang joke on the "not-Appa" strider beast. Cute. :)

I'll have more to say later once I've finished watching! I am really enjoying this season despite not being super into season one. It's definitely growing in complexity both emotionally and plot-wise.
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I wanted to write here for posterity that I think the "Broken Link" badge has some interesting duality as a symbol - 'weakest link' vs. 'throwing off chains of oppression'

the pay off is so worth the wait

I like that the first 'deserter' was the guy who Rayla spared way back in I believe the first episode... I can see why he wouldn't want to fight Xadia.

aahh I was wondering why it focused on him, I'm gonna have to rewatch that episode!
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ASL (American Sign Language) translations:

Episodes 1-6
Episodes 7-9

The conclusion of the translator is that for most of this season, the creators clearly used fluent ASL signers to help animate, and the improved framerate and camera angle, along with making sure signers have good contrast and lighting really helped those watching to interpret. It's great!
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the official site has some character bios, and Kazi the Sunfire Elf sign interpreter is non-binary!
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here's the rest of the "turnarounds", which are from the News section
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I did appreciate the "Anyway, here's the Wonderwall" joke

I really wish Aaron Ehasz hadn't turned out to be such a toolbag. It put the scene where Viren attempts to gaslight Soren and Claudia to convince them he hadn't meant "kill the princes" into a different light. I'm continuing to watch, because the people who made the accusations against Ehasz said they did not want to start a boycott, because there are a lot of people who work on this show and it would not be fair to punish all of them for his actions. But it does mean this show is no longer an unalloyed joy.

Anyway, Claudia is a full on necromancer now. Very curious to see where that goes.
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The Dragon Prince renewed through season 7. No word on when Season 4 will be ready.

Given the success that Avatar has been having on Netflix, it was pretty obvious this was coming. I bet Netflix execs are kicking themselves for leaving the show in limbo for this long.
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