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Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) famously wrote Green Eggs and Ham using only 50 words to win a bet with Bennett Cerf. Netflix is estimated to have spent more than a million times that on this 13-episode series, cramming it full of stars like Oscar-winners Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton, Tony-winner Daveed Diggs as a mouse, John Turturro as a goat, and Eddie Izzard as the Trumpian villain.

The series is very loosely based on the story in the book, with Sam I Am (Adam Devine) and Guy Am I (Douglas) going on a crazy adventure involving a Chickeraffe (Dee Bradley Baker), bounty hunters (Jeffrey Wright and Jillian Bell), a precocious young girl (Ilana Glazer) and her mother (Keaton), and various ways in which Guy does not wish to eat the titular dish. They even got Rivers Cuomo to make the theme song. Netflix has allegedly ordered a second season.

You should definitely try Netflix’s Green Eggs And Ham -- Gwen Ihnat, AV Club

Dr. Seuss' classic book becomes a cheeky and imaginative 13-episode caper with a delectable all-star voice cast -- Ashlie D. Stevens, Salon

If you waited until Thanksgiving weekend to start watching this, you might want to cue up Planes, Trains and Automobiles first. Then you can have extra fun enjoying the obvious parallels between PTA and GEAH. -- Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times
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We put this on for the kid the other day. I was washing dishes and poking around online and not paying a whole lot of attention to it but during the times I dialed in it seemed fun, cute, and deeply weird. The book is a treasured artifact of my childhood and I didn't see anything that made me cranky. It kept the child engaged without whipping him into a warrior frenzy. He did not pick up any annoying catchphrases from it. The audio was neither annoying nor repetitive and easy to filter out.

Looking at the cast, I think I might want to give this another actual look. I knew a few characters sounded familiar.
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Will there be a show only thread?
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Since this is the books-included thread, let me say: This was very different from the book.
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