The Crown: Cri de Coeur
December 2, 2019 10:01 AM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

As her marriage falls apart, Princess Margaret finds solace in the arms of a much younger landscape gardener. The Queen and the nation celebrate Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee. (Season finale)
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Though I'm sure it's true to the period, the double standard shown in the family reactions to Margaret and Tony's affairs is really infuriating. They all know Tony's sleeping around but somehow feel no need to do anything about it. But then Margaret does, and the Queen Mum calls her a whore.
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But then Margaret does, and the Queen Mum calls her a whore.

Agreed. And it's an interesting parallel to the scene earlier on in the season, when they call Anne in to give them the deets about Charles and Camilla, and the general horror about how she had her own bit of oat-sowing with Parker-Bowles. I guess it's a sign of slight generational progress in that Elizabeth's reaction didn't involve screaming names at her???

I do like, by the way, that Tony's horribleness is more fully shown in this episode, even while they don't let up on Margaret's snobbery and callousness. For most of the season, you see it in passing, and you know he's cheating, and you know they're fighting, but then, he's your POV character for bits of Aberfan.
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I was surprised that the show lets EIGHT YEARS pass unmentioned between eps 9 (Charles' investiture in 1969) and 10 (Silver Jubilee 1977). Episode 10 feels like it picks up reasonably soon after 9, but really there is a gulf of time that passes.
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I think you’re getting episode 9 confused with episode 6. Episode 9 takes place in about 1972-1973.
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To my disappointment, it seems Margaret's trip to Peebles - mission to buy tight swimming trunks for her new toyboy - appears to have been made up. In reality , the pair went shopping in Edinburgh. (The article nevertheless includes a discussion amongst the descendants of the 3 Peebles shops that potentially could have served the pair).

I also liked this article about Margaret's friend, Lady Anne Glenconner, in which we learn that her husband bought Moustique having sailed around it - but without having set foot on it. Also that Margaret "adored cleaning" as well as partying; bet we don't see an episode about that!
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Margaret's Mustique island villa is rentable, BTW.
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My perception of the royal family is that they're basically dull people who know how to follow rules and take rules seriously, and this show has reinforced that.

Phillip seems to have some interesting thoughts (and he even bothers to follow politics) but they all take the direction of him trying to demonstrate that the monarchy and he personally are important. Not how can we make sure our work/role is actually of value, but here we are unquestionably serving the country, we have to make sure people know that we matter.

The Queen basically is always wishing she could be with her horses or just chatting amicably with a nice prime minister. Instead men are always walking into her office, telling her 2 sentences about a situation, and then telling her what to do. And then she does what they tell her for the most part, unless it's about her family, in which case she argues in favor of having some human compassion but gives in to The Rules anyhow.

I have no idea what Charles wants to do with his life that he is so prevented from doing except marrying Camila. And she does not seem very interesting. Her main characteristics are being slightly flirtatious and having an ugly haircut.

And they all seem so incredibly cold. The Queen sitting at her sister's bedside after the suicide attempt. I know I am a blustery American but I would have run in and hugged for as long as she would let me. Elizabeth cries quietly in a chair.

I occasionally follow what is up with the young royals these days and whenever you hear them speak (at least William and Kate) it is a reminder that they are not bright bulbs. Clearly, wit or intelligence are not part of the job description. Overall, I feel for this family and the enormous pressure they find themselves under, but the answer I always come to is that they have no business being in the position they are in.
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Lol, I had a couple of those same silver jubilee plates bought at some off-price shop years ago. Finally gave them to Goodwill when I last moved.

The best scene, the PM coming to say he was resigning, poignant and so well acted. And then it was completely stepped on by the Margaret drama.
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Aww but I was a blubbering mess, much like the queen was, at that scene between the sisters. There is a lack of demonstrativeness and animation, sure, but there is overwhelming love, understanding, and heartbreak passing between the two. I felt all of the feels!

So many good scenes in this episode. That little smile the PM gives the queen after telling her of his diagnosis - perfection.
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