My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 488: Huff the Un-Foot
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We want you to come inside of our home — the one we all actually share together — to meet our new, government-mandated bird friends. Sure, the audio quality of this show is gonna take a dive, but when you see their horrible, shriveled faces, it's still absolutely not going to be worth it. Suggested talking points: Turkey House, Open the Glottis, Justin's Cooking Class, Neutral Gifts, Bush Squirrel, Thanksgiving Pizza, A Lengthy Discussion of Butch
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Never seen Dutch, never even heard of it, but sure did enjoy hearing Travis terrorize his brothers with it.
posted by meese at 7:51 PM on December 2, 2019

That commercial sounded like it was designed especially for them to enjoy.
"Do you have any questions about what just happened? Because I don't." LOL

When Justin started talking about "people who are tough to hang out with" and what they lack my eyes and ears got real big I was like "Ooh am I gonna finally find out what I lack?" And it was "the *stuff*" and I was like ah, yeah, the stuff.

I liked how Griffin got Justin to do one of his dry heave laughs.
posted by bleep at 10:23 PM on December 2, 2019

I really have to learn not to listen to MBMBAM while driving. Travis tormenting his brothers with Dutch trivia broke me. Good thing it was a slow traffic night.

Also I really want some of that pizza.
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I want to give you a favorite for our common "I shouldn't drive while listening to this" situation, but your wanting to eat pizza with gravy makes me want to take favorites away from you. I'm torn.
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In conclusion, those good good McElroy brothers are a world of contrasts.
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