Sleepwalkers (1992)
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When Tonya falls for the new boy at school, Charles Brady, she discovers he and his mother have a deadly secret.

Charles Brady (Brian Krause) and his mother, Mary (Alice Krige) are Sleepwalkers - ancient beings able to stay alive only by feeding on the life-force of the innocent. Their powers also include being able to make themselves invisible and transform a car.

Tonya is supposed to be their next meal, but things don't go to plan.
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This movie is currently on Shudder. I watched it today and forgot how absolutely bat shit it is. A cop gets stabbed with a corn cob! There's no logic to how the sleepwalkers are able to transform the car or why they would own mirrors if that gives away their true form. Also no explanation for why they are called sleepwalkers as nothing about them has to do with sleep.

Clovis the cat is the real MVP of this film. I don't know why King was so focused on cats earlier in his career. Pairs well with Cat's Eye.
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I remember watching this at a friend’s house when it came out on tape. I think I tried to engage with it seriously, but it was too goofy and incoherent.

Some Stephen King movies are at the Dead Zone or Green Mile end of the spectrum, and some are over at the other end with this thing, and Dreamcatcher.
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I saw this in the theater when I was a teenager, at close to my apex of Stephen King fandom. It's hard to imagine what anyone involved in this was thinking.
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There is a cemetery scene full of horror cameos though
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I love this movie. It's so full of batshittery. I would love podcast about how it got made.
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A friend dragged me to see this in the theatre, as she was every bit the Stephen King fan I've never been.   It remains to this day the only film I've ever gotten up and walked out on.   If it ever shows up on Netflix I just know I'll end up watching it to see if it can truly be as bad as my memory makes it out to be.

To this day I marvel that I managed to see this during its release.   I think it lasted one week before the theatre pulled it.
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For me, this movie falls in the category of "So Bad Its Good". Everything about it makes no sense.
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