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A college student with psychic abilities takes in an amnesiac ghost as his roommate -- who ends up helping him hunt down spooky spirits. (Netflix US, tvN Korea)
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I didn't get any results searching for this title at Dramabeans when I started watching, only found them when doing a general web search for something to put in the 'more inside', so, now I need to go back through them and see what nuances I missed.

Anyway, I thought this was fun - the horror aspect was mild, in that the ghost special effects were creepy without being truly horrific. (Oh, except there is one scene of animal mutilation/murder - mostly offscreen, but with lots of bone-crunching sound effects, be warned.) The love story was sweet, and the comic relief of the two 'Ghost Net Club' students made me laugh a lot. I agree with the Fangirl Verdict review about the pacing problems. But if you're looking for a horror-lite rom-com, this one's worth a go.
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I've been enjoying this! Although slowly. I think my favorite character so far is the hapless monk.
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wow I thought that was Ara Go, who I just saw in Black (which I need to make a post for). It's probably due to similar trends of plastic surgery in Korea, but that's a whole other topic. After finishing Black I've been craving another fantasy Kdrama. I might give this a watch!
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I haven't decided which is my next Kdrama, maybe I'll go with Black.
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